Ann-Marie Stagg, chief executive of the Contact Centre Management Association, discusses how technology is driving the demand for expertise and professionalism in front-line agents

The use of tablets and smart devices within all areas of government will experience double-digit growth through 2016. GT looks at how councils across the UK are reducing costs through their use and how the explosion in bespoke mobile applications can revolutionise the way that council services are delivered

Amar Singh of international IT governance association ISACA reports on the damage denial of service (DoS) attacks can do and shares advice on how organisations can protect themselves

Doug Miles of AIIM, the global community for information management professionals, discusses how public sector organisations are struggling to cope with information overload

Government Technology takes a look at Policy Exchange’s recently published Technology Manifesto, a roadmap for how the UK could become a leader in the global digital economy

Massive data leaks of personal information have damaged reputations and fuelled political debate. Doug Miles of AIIM’s Market Intelligence Division looks at the increasing importance of information governance within UK government, and how compliance can be automated

Now that the Public Sector Network is in place, has it improved the way in which local government operates and can its high security standards be turned from an onerous imposition into  an advantage? techUK‘s Gemma Blakey reports

The switch to digital service provision can be challenging for public bodies. A recent survey of over 300 organisations looks at the difficulties involved and how they are being met

G-Cloud services are available to over 29,000 public sector organisations and the Framework is already delivering tangible benefits. With the fourth incarnation going live in October last year, and the fifth expected in the first half of 2014, Government Technology looks at the programme’s perceived successes and failures so far

Geographical Information Systems can provide local authorities with the knowledge needed to make important decisions. Chris Rhodes looks at the major innovations in this area and describes the challenges councils face when adopting these systems