Companies overcharging at end of mobile contracts

Vodafone, EE and Three are charging customers for the mobile phones they buy as part of a contract, even after the handset has been paid off.

UK’s digital infrastructure reforms announced

Reforms to the UK’s Electronic Communications Code will seek to reduce the costs of communications infrastructure on private land.

Digital prototype to pinpoint land for development

Future Cities Catapult has revealed a new tool to help collate land, planning and housing data in one place.

Councils need further cyber funding

The LGA says that councils needs more funding to ensure their computer systems, infrastructure and data are protected against cyber attacks.

Tele care services must prepare for digital shift

1.7 million people who rely on telecare face disruption as UK telecoms providers shift from analogue to digital infrastructure.

What does AI mean for government?

AI has proven to support multiple areas of government. Yasmeen Ahmad, director of Think Big Analytics, gives lessons from commercial enterprise

Data security isn’t just a technology issue

NHS Digital highlight the importance of protecting information and data in the NHS and why NHS staff must be trained in knowing system vulnerabilities

The public sector and data literacy

To meet consumer expectations in today’s market, there needs to be a data culture shift across the public sector. Simon Blunn explains why

The four misperceptions of the Cloud

The main challenges to Cloud adoption come from four specific fears. Romy Hughesaddresses each of these challenges in turn

Making the most of G-Cloud

Jake Madders, co-founder and director of Hyve Managed Hosting, outlines some crib sheet questions to ask every cloud provider