Local Authorities need to build upon the GDS ‘Digital by Default’ strategy, and go beyond just putting existing processes online, by starting from square one to create native online services that are best for the user, says David Burgess of Reading Room London

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has existed as a concept for a decade or so and is fast approaching maturity. But how far along the implementation road is the public sector and what are the options for government departments that want to progress ECM faster? Doug Miles of AIIM’s Market Intelligence Division looks at ECM within government and where it goes from here

Recent fines dished out by the ICO were levied as a result of poor disposal practices. Steve Mellings, founder of the Asset Disposal and Information Alliance, explains the challenges and importance of IT Asset Disposal

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement allows almost every public sector organisation in England and Wales access to a wide variety of geographic datasets provided by Ordnance Survey. This has had significant impacts on the uptake of geographic information across the public sector and created several opportunities for the provision of new geographic information services to be created, writes the Association for Geographic Information

Loss and theft of information from organisations continues to be a significant problem. Given the amount of attention to this problem and the wealth of standards and technology available, why do these leaks still occur and what can be done to improve matters? asks Mike Small, London Chapter of the ISACA Security Advisory Group

PSNGB, the industry association for PSN Suppliers, recently initiated research into senior public leaders’ top challenges and priorities, aiming to articulate how PSN could help address these and deliver much greater benefits across the public sector. Neil Mellor, director, and Howard Inns, research programme leader, elaborate

Service desks attract and collect huge volumes of data – a logical reason for the burning desire to compare and contrast performance. So why not use it to see how good your service desk really is, asks Daniel Wood, head of research at the Service Desk Institute

Geographic information is not just about nicely produced maps but the data that comes with it. Used together, geographic information becomes a powerful tool that can transform public services, writes Swindon Borough Council’s Kristin Warry

Alastair Barter of the Information Commissioner’s Office looks at the principle of security and how it should be applied in the IT asset disposal process

Philip Dawson, ceo, Skyscape Cloud Services, focuses on the rise of G-Cloud since its inception at the beginning of this year. The programme represents a cultural leap for the government and its success has already seen it pass the £18m mark in sales procured through the framework