The UK government is failing technology entrepreneurs and does not have a coherent strategy to support the commercialisation of technology innovation in the UK, MPs have warned.

The UK government has announced a big shake up of its structures, which has resulted in the cross-government CIO role being ditched.

The UK government has launched a cyber crime unit in order to defend against attackers.

The global public cloud computing market will grow 18.5% in 2013 to $131 billion, up from $111 billion last year, research firm Gartner predicts.

Socitm, the society for IT managers, has said the performance of many council websites indicated that local authorities were not signed up to the idea of digital by default services.

The government is calling on industry to provide evidence on what it thinks is the best 'organisational standard' for effective cyber risk management, which it will then endorse as the preferred approach.

The commissioning support units that will come into being on 1 April will spend around £700m a year on IT and other support services, according to a new report from EHI Intelligence.

Vodafone and BAE Systems have teamed up to develop technology to protect businesses from cyber attacks.

Social enterprise accelerator for tech start-ups Bethnal Green Ventures has been named as one of the first recipients of the government’s Social Incubator Fund.

Current efforts by government to cut down on IT spending, which have resulted in the saving of £316 million, have been praised as “a good start”, according to a report.

A new report has revealed that the UK is falling behind the US in cloud adoption. The report from Redwood Software revealed that 58 per cent of US businesses are already using the Cloud for private data storage, compared to just 35 per cent in the UK. For capacity management, 47 per cent of US businesses are using the cloud, compared to 24 per cent in the UK.

Governments around the world are requesting more information about internet users than ever before, according to statistics released by Google. In the second half of 2012, Google’s latest bi-annual transparency report revealed it received 21,389 requests from government offices for data from about 33,000 individuals’ activities across Google operated websites including YouTube.

The East Midlands Public Services Network (emPSN) is now live. The regional communications network has over 1,000 schools and over 400 Lincolnshire County Council sites connected and, in terms of geographical coverage, is the largest regional PSN to be procured in England. This has been developed based on an existing network used by the East Midlands Broadband Consortium.

The coalition wants to set a standard for digital delivery of public services that other governments around the world will aspire to.

PayPal has won a contract with the UK government to help build and run a secure online identity registration service for people accessing public services.

NHS hospitals will need to have operational electronic patient records working by April 2014 to meet the data flow requirements set by the NHS Commissioning Board and as a milestone towards making the NHS paperless by 2018.