Aberdeen City Council has signed a £1 million contract for private cloud and data centre services.

Local authority service managers and digital teams have been invited to a free event that will share the latest findings in the development of common data standards.

Havant Borough Council is planning to establish a joint venture company (JVC) to better run its services.

Bournemouth Council is expected to reverse the outsourcing and privatisation of some of its services due to ‘unprecedented financial challenges’.

Sir Mark Walport, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, has suggested that the government should begin using block chains to help run its monetary and security services, such as tax collection, benefits and issuing passports.

Microsoft has announced it will donate £700m worth of cloud computing resources to organisations it believes to be working for the ‘public good’, such as non-profitable organisations and university research projects.

The government is set to launch a new website designed to help parents and teachers protect children from radical ideologies.

Research firm Ecorys UK has produced a study by the Departments for Culture, Media and Sport, and Business Innovation and Skills, aimed at better understanding the demand for and supply of digital skills in the UK economy.

Oxford City Council has launched a new website in a bid to increase online customer contact by more than 10 per cent in the next three years.

Devolved powers to cities provide the opportunity for vast amounts of data to be more effectively utilised, leading to smarter and more productive

Transport Minister Andrew Jones has praised the announcement that contactless travel will be available for all buses by 2022, enabling millions of bus and rail passengers across the UK to be able to pay for their travel quickly and efficiently.

MPs and peers are set to question Home Secretary Theresa May on the privacy implications of the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed it will expand its Universal Credit (UC) digital service tests, with the Treasury set to scrutinise the ‘final business case’ next year before it rolled out across the UK in May.

A survey conducted by Manta has found that 61 per cent of small business owners are still using Internet Explorer (IE) 8,9 and 10 despite the older browsers no longer being supported by Microsoft.

Information commissioner Christopher Graham has said there needs to be more transparency around the remit of surveillance powers that could encroach on the public’s privacy.

A new Internet of Things (IoT) research hub has been unveiled to drive innovation in the UK.


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