By Bob Lambert, Cassidian Senior Solution Architect
The UK Government’s Public Services Network (PSN) programme will create a single logical network for the Public Sector, built from approved component services delivered by a range of assured service providers.

Is agnostic to any vendor which gives you the benefit of us being impartial and thus able to focus on recommending the best solution for a particular customer. 

Enterprise-level mobile solutions are a big topic right now, with providers striving to produce solutions that will work throughout an organisation. Consilium are the only provider on the market today  to have already achieved this; their TotalMobile™ product has already achieved success as an Enterprise solution within Local Government, with Newcastle City Council being the first of many.

PSN initiatives need to go beyond ticking boxes, says Dr Graham Buckberry, Siemens Enterprise Communications Limited

One of the essential cogs in the government machinery, irrespective of nation and era, has been communication with its citizens. Governments need to communicate with citizens in times of peace as well as unrest, and the faster and wider the communication medium is, the smoother this machinery can function. Even a decade or two ago, the medium of choice was the television or even radio, but both came with their own share of drawbacks, with the most crucial one being that they were both one-way transmissions. Thus, even when the government was able to reach out to the people, there was no way for the people, especially individual citizens, to talk to the government via the same media. The arrival of the mobile phone, and more specifically multimedia-rich smartphones, has been an absolute game changer in this regard.

Consilium Technologies have provided efficiency-saving IT Solutions to Local Government since 1985 and are market leaders in Mobile Working technology. CEO, Colin Reid givers his take on the essentials of a flexible, future-proof, enterprise-wide solution.

Clement Clarke Communications (C3) has been designing, developing and manufacturing headsets for over 60 years and is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.  In recent years, this unique heritage has enabled us to create a range of call centre solutions that combine the latest communication technologies with the reliability and durability that has always been our hallmark. In addition our Telecom headsets are now APD Communication and Capita Secure Information Solutions Ltd (Sungard) approved.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum, 85 per cent of IT Executives now consider Cloud as a viable option for delivering IT projects; with 3 out of 4 organisations that have purchased a Cloud service saying they will purchase further services in 2012.

Established in 2005 and based in Holborn London, Qualitas-IT are a full service IT company, who support both public and private sector organisations to operate highly efficient and cost-effective communication and IT operations.

Most people have heard of ergonomics and think it is something to do with seating, or with the design of car controls and instruments. It is, but it is much more and has a major role to play in the design of the modern office whether this be in a private organisation or within a government department.

With the Government's annual IT spend in the region of £20bn per year, a significant opportunity exists to reduce spending and create savings through encouraging innovations and enhancing the UK's IT skill-set. However, the long-term programme of reform is not just to deliver savings, but also to improve the quality and efficiency of Government ICT, with Open Standards and Open Source Software playing a major role in this objective.

iTrinegy’s services and technology focus on ensuring successful deployment of applications over networks, including Cloud and Mobile environments, and subsequent  on-going performance monitoring. Our solutions have been deployed across a wide spectrum of government sectors including local authorities, educational institutions, the NHS, MOD, Home Office and Emergency Services.

There’s probably never been a more challenging time to be in government, at any level. Doing more with less doesn’t really cover it. Not only have budgets been cut,  but there are more and more core activities that government  IT organisations have to support and which need to be accessed at ever more places at even more times.

Global Knowledge are specialists in delivering tailored courses & certified vendor programmes in areas of IT and business skills to both public and private sector companies across the UK.

Our aim is to enable our customers to be successful by maximising the potential of existing data and applications. This provides rapid return on investment, reduced costs, improved productivity and efficiency, and the ability to manage operational risk.