Mark Godfrey, CEO and Co-Founder of Automated Intelligence explains how a new and innovative approach to delivering information management strategies is being adopted to not only reduce and control costs, but to positively impact and improve public service delivery.

Over 45 years experience in the IT sector with extensive experience in asset management, asset remarketing, data wiping and logistics.

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Spatial Consultants is an Information Management consulting practice with expertise in the convergence of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Enterprise Architecture.

Is the new Datwyler data centre cabling system suitable for future higher-speed applications such as 40/100G Ethernet and 120G InfiniBand®? In order to provide a qualified answer to this question Datwyler arranged for the system to be tested under stringent conditions.

With green issues high on the political agenda, there has been a lot of publicity recently regarding the use of digital technologies to encourage a sustainable, paperless future for the UK. There have been numerous communications stating the intended benefits and cost savings of the strategy to make transactions between the government, citizens and businesses “Digital by Default”. But how do you set the example to the nation, and turn these ambitious policies into a paperless reality?

The theft of cardholder details is a huge problem for merchants and card brands – especially when it comes to transactions where the customer is not present.

Doug Miles, AIIM’s Head of Market intelligence, looks at the decision-making process for cloud deployment of document and content systems.

Dr Basil Philipsz outlines vulnerabilities in current Authentication Technologies and explains how his company, Distributed Management Systems Ltd (DMS), has developed a new innovative solution, CASQUE SNR (CASQUE) that is immune from such flaws.

Procuring print and copy facilities in the public sector has been a challenge – trying to choose the right equipment, calculating the real costs and navigating a complex, time-consuming procurement process. To add to the complexity, procurement teams are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

With 300 Centres in 70 countries, New Horizons Computer Learning Centres are the largest independent IT Training Providers in the world, delivering more courses than any other IT training company. This year celebrates the re-launch of New Horizons London.

IA in context: why professionalism in IA is part of the UK Government’s Cyber Security Strategy
By Richard Pharro, CEO, The APM Group

Dennis Adams Associates provides specialised ICT Management Advisory Services to help medium and large organisations deliver the true value of IT in Production.

By Emmet Florish, SolarWinds UK Manager
While the traditional way IT management issues are resolved often entails hiring expensive consultants and going through long procurement processes and staff training, when Cheshire Constabulary needed an easy and cost-effective solution for network monitoring, it turned to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM).

PSN is a critically important business transformation programme that enables the entire public sector to benefit from an ICT infrastructure that is built and operated to common standards defined by the Government.