Web Labs are a UK based software and systems development house, specialising in creating flexible, scaleable and intelligent ‘Cloud Computing’ solutions. Our products and technologies i.e. software systems, applications, data access, and storage services are delivered to computers and other devices over a network, typically the Internet or Corporate Intranet.
We can design a custom solution for any business need, creating fully integrated systems, and offering design, training, hosting and on-going support with one organisation.
Our Products include:

  • The Bridge – A complete Cloud Development Environment
  • ContentMaster – An Enterprise Content Management System
  • FormsMaster  - A Enterprise Electronic Forms Solution
  • DocumentMaster  - A Enterprise Document and Records Management System
  • CommitteesManager – A Case and Committees Management System
  • AssetManager – A Remote/Mobile Asset and Records Management System
  • CommerceManager – Shopping basket/Product catalogue application

Our Clients include Ministry of Defence, General Medical Council. Somerset County Council, Camping and Caravanning Club, Islamic Bank GB, London Borough of Southwark, Local Government Ombudsman.
Web-Labs can be contacted via our web site www.web-labs.co.uk where details of our 50 products and case histories about their use can be found.

The Bridge was conceived and developed to keep pace with the need to cater for the changing methods by which customers wish to interact and do business with every type of organisation. There has in the past decade been a ‘channel shift’ in the way customers contact organisations – Customers want instant contact without a visit to premises or engagement in long telephone conversations. Goods and services are ordered ‘online’ via mobile phones and other devices enabling them to check an account; make a payment; get a quote etc. Organisations have to be ‘Digital by Default’ with systems that permit end to end transactions unhindered by manual interruption.  Equally, the working practices within the organisations have changed with the increasing need for staff to be mobile with the facility to have instant access to information or systems to carry out their duties.
The Bridge is a complete platform primarily geared towards but not limited to web-based systems that can harness the power of cloud-based technologies as well as supporting traditional infrastructures – or a hybrid of the two.  It comes complete with a totally flexible modern web-based user interface.

It provides a core set of pre-built components that can be extended or re-imagined without changing the concepts of how the Bridge operates. Other components can be developed and brought online and they can share common code and functionality with minimum development effort needed to provide complex and varied systems for any task.
Out of the box the components are capable of providing a full enterprise CMS, DMS or e-forms package or any combination of them. The inter-related nature of the components that comprise a Bridge installation means that operating between features is seamless and effortless which also includes the consumption and integration with external non-Bridge systems.
The Bridge was designed in the knowledge that organisations could already have several successful ‘back office’ third party systems already in use. The Bridge therefore is a supercharged ‘Development Environment’ that enables an organisation to seamlessly and securely connect its customers via the web site or mobile device with a number of back office administration systems so they can quickly and efficiently order goods and services, check their account etc. The organisation benefits by facilitating channel shift by its customers, becoming digitally enabled by allowing end to end transactions to be electronically completed and thereby saving time and reducing cost
Attributes of 'The Bridge'
1. Authoring
The Bridge is generally regarded as having the most intuitive User Interface requiring no previous IT or web skills

  • Simple Form filling to enter any content type
  • Tailored Task Manager to assist in content enrichment, compliance and completion
  • Instant in-situ Preview of content for confirmation of accuracy and appearance

2. Publishing
The flexible Workflow System controls who, when and where content is published.

  • Multi Stage configurable workflow engine
  • Multiple Times for Display/publishing rules
  • Branching of workflow when a ‘condition’ warrants escalation

3. Templating
Latest ASP.NET MVC, HTML Templates, built with Microsoft Visual Studio and an Open API


  • Provides the User with the ability to build their own templates to comply with application and design goals
  • Use access to an open API to gain direct access to content and core functionality

4. Multi Lingual
Ability to change the Administration screens to any language
Web pages can be simultaneously delivered in several languages

  • Automated Speech Synthesizing of Page content
  • Dual Screen Translation Tool

5. Customisation

  • Ability to personalise the Administration Screens
  • Modules/Components are configurable for User development or the User can develop and plug in their own via the Open API

6. Enterprise Search
Federated meta-data or advanced conceptual searching with bespoke tagging
7. Management Reporting
The User has instant access to built in reports or they can build their own bespoke reports with the Report Writer for instant use or export

  • Easy to produce filtered reports from standard reports
  • Tailored Graphical or Tabular presentation

8. Third party integration
Open API with standard connectors provided for industry leading CRM, EDRMS, and GIS systems e.g. Northgate, Lagan, Microsoft, Sales-Force

  • Consume and interact with different systems e.g. Payment Engines, GIS, EDRMS, CRM and other satellite systems

9. Asset Media Management
Share, manage and re-use media files from the Asset Store that can be deployed locally or be cloud based

  • Automated File conversion
  • Pre and Post processing of images e.g. cropping, sizing, optimising, watermarking

10. Security
A Multi-identity roles-based permissions system that allows for granular and custom control of access to features and API’s. User roles decide not to grant rights but can deny them as well when a User inherits rights from multiple roles.

  • Extensible identity system – allow users to log in via twitter, facebook, active directory or all of them with a single user across multiple identities
  • Per-Identity permission masks – deactivate specific permissions based on the identity so that less secure authentication methods have appropriate access even for the same user
  • Permissions can be applied to roles and roles can be applied to both groups and users providing maximum flexibility for distributing access.

11. Sharepoint Supercharger
This feature enables the User to publish content from Microsoft Sharepoint on the web site and to receive information direct for the web site on our intelligent e-forms directly into Sharepoint or other EDRMS.
12. Dynamics Enhancer
This feature enables information captured via our intelligent e-forms on the web site to be inserted into the Microsoft Dynamics or other CRM system. The e-forms can also be used by the customer services staff to capture information from telephone or personal contact and this to be fed directly into the CRM system.
13. Application Store
This includes Web-Labs and customer applications these number over 50 including E-Commerce, Committees/Case Management, E-Democracy, Mobile Asset Reporting, Room/Event Booking etc.

For more information
Web-Labs can be contacted via our web site www.web-labs.co.uk where details of our 50 products and case histories about their use can be found.

Tel: 01525 374859