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Cut costs, simplify management, go green, improve security – yet give us more power and flexibility. That’s what IT is expected to deliver. A tall order? Not with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from ComputacenterWhat is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?
With VDI (also known as desktop virtualisation), users access their data from a solid state thin client device with no hard drive, which connects to a network server where data and applications are stored centrally. This means that, rather than being limited to one physical PC, users can log onto any terminal and physical desktops no longer need to be manually updated. For public sector organisations looking for better manageability, security, ROI and flexibility, VDI is the ideal solution.

How can VDI help you?

Maximising the use of resources is always a concern for the public sector, and thin client devices provide lower total cost of ownership, offering 80 per cent less annual maintenance, 25 per cent capital cost savings and 23 per cent operational savings1. But it’s not only about cutting costs – VDI offers a wide range of benefits:
Lower costs. Thin client devices such as Blade PCs and Workstations last over 50 per cent longer than traditional PCs and are cheaper per unit, cutting your hardware costs immediately. Virtual desktops can also reduce your support costs – Gartner estimates that the cost of supporting an unmanaged desktop is around $8,000 per year.
Simplified management. More than 70 per cent of IT time is spent just maintaining existing systems, but with centralised application and data storage, managing and updating a virtual desktop is far faster and simpler than performing manual upgrades. Deployment times for new machines can be dramatically reduced from weeks to hours, allowing faster response times and giving system administrators more time to spend on important tasks
Greener IT. Thin clients consume up to 80 per cent less energy than desktop PCs, helping reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint as well as lowering power and cooling costs. With pressure across government to cut emissions and consider environmental sustainability when purchasing, moving to a virtual desktop could be a significant step forward.
Improved security. Having all your business-critical data stored on secure centralised servers minimises the possibility of data loss and ensures that – even if individual PCs are lost or stolen – your confidential information is secure. Managing software licensing also becomes simpler without different applications stored on 1000s of devices, helping to eliminate compliance issues.
With PC populations in government organisations running into the 1000s, it makes sound economic and environmental sense to switch to a virtual desktop environment run on thin client devices. Each user has the same PC power and access to applications as before, but you have lower costs, simpler management and a more secure, greener IT environment.

Making it happen
If you’re considering the benefits of desktop virtualisation, you should be talking to Computacenter. We have over 25 years’ experience working with public sector partners and an extensive pool of technology experts who can help you get the most from your IT.
"Computacenter advises us on how we can reduce our expenditure on IT and also deliver continuous service improvements. We have developed a trusted partnership,” said Peter Gallon, Head of IT at Northumberland County Council.
Based on industry analyst benchmarking criteria by IDC, Computacenter’s Desktop Technology Optimisation assessment identifies key steps that organisations can take to realise cost savings and deliver increased business value; visit www.computacenter.com/dto to find out more. Our Shared Services Factory assists clients with ongoing best practice in deploying and migrating technologies and offer associated services including Rapid Desktop Migration and Rapid Operations Management.

Simplified procurement
We’re proud to be part of the Catalyst framework and have a wealth of expertise in making your IT procurement faster, simpler and more effective. Computacenter works with a wide range of leading vendors to deliver the best technology solutions for you and is the largest, most highly accredited HP Preferred Partner in the UK.
HP (including Neoware) is the leader in the thin client market according to IDC, with more than 34 per cent market share worldwide. HP is also the only major vendor that offers both a comprehensive portfolio of thin client devices and an end-to-end solution with HP servers, networking gear, accessories, software, and services. Whatever your thin client needs HP has a model to match them, from the Essential t5135 – ideal for customer service environments – through the more powerful Mainstream and Flexible categories for more application-heavy users, to the 6720t Mobile thin client for remote computing on the move.

1 Zona Research META Group Study

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