A Smarter City for a Brighter Future

By Alexander Bufalino, Head of Global Marketing, Telit Wireless Solutions
Machine-to-machine communication technology (M2M) technology is one of the few definitive technology pacesetters in a world that is becoming "smarter" and more mobile. 
Local and national governments are legislating, regulating and sponsoring initiatives in this field at an ever faster pace. As the number of groundbreaking “Smart City” and citizen services applications which make our everyday lives more convenient, easier and safer grows, so does more efficient use of energy resources lowering of CO2 emissions helping provide a better, more sustainable lifestyle for citizens in these communities and societies.

At the heart of each M2M application is the module. Telit is industry’s only player offering a combined multi-technology portfolio of cellular, short range, and GNSS modules covering not only all relevant wireless technologies, but also offering the broadest, most complete portfolio among all M2M module manufacturers.

With this unique, comprehensive and technologically advanced product portfolio, Telit can provide Smart Government application developers with the three core technologies required for advanced M2M applications. As the industry's only pure-play M2M company, Telit accompanies and supports customers from design of the application to production and market launch in all verticals, including the new "Smart-X”.

The application of Telit modules together with our services can significantly reduce the cost of implementing, operating and updating M2M applications so that more ideas for better communities and better democracies can get funded and implemented, leading to higher approval levels for governments at all levels with highly visible, well received projects that positively impact the lives of citizens.

M2M technology is driving enormous innovation in connected devices and yet for many projects, especially those of small and medium scale, which are traditionally the most major source of innovation, this technology is still too complex. The fundamental disconnect between the needs of small and medium projects and market solutions that are tailored to meet these needs created an opportunity for Telit which we have addressed with the creation of m2mAIR. The m2mAIR value proposition is a game changer that positions Telit well to provide a suite of products and services which - because they are solutions - reduce complexity and speed the time to deployment for developers in the government sector.

Telit can provide governments and developers seamless and ubiquitous M2M connectivity tailored to the needs of their M2M projects based on a global world-class service delivery platform. By applying this infrastructure, single SIM cards (individual devices) can be activated or deactivated in less than a second. And because we understand that governments are under a different set of approval metrics than private enterprise, our technically qualified staff in over 80 countries can offer on-site service with the shortest reaction times, even to remote locations.

With this unique combination of modules in all relevant m2m technologies, value added services and connectivity, Telit becomes the world's first One-stop Shop for managed m2m solutions. This is particularly important for our government customers because it means aggressively reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced cost control, better security, streamlined troubleshooting, service-enhanced applications (e.g. mobile-based positioning, remote management module), and superior network coverage and performance.

Telit has played a critical role in several major Smart City/ Smart Government projects worldwide. During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London was faced with the challenge to enhance passenger safety and security in its public transit system. The solution was delivered by Traffilog. Powered by Telit’s wireless modules, the M2M solution improved passenger comfort, safety and efficiency by using a state-of-the-art global fleet management solution. The Traffilog system ensured that passengers had a safe and more enjoyable commute experience throughout this very important and world-watched event where failures could quickly escalate into global reputation crises.

Another challenge taken on by Telit, this time with Schlumberger Water Services was to provide a solution that simplified groundwater monitoring. The solution powered by Telit’s wireless modules involved using advanced M2M communication modules combined with the Schlumberger Diver-NETZ solution to monitor ground-water levels for cities, Water Boards and mining applications worldwide.

And in the U.S. BigBelly Solar took on the challenge to provide a solution to help transition waste managers to a green system. The solution used Telit M2M wireless modules to enable connectivity for solar-powered trash compactors and waste receptacles capable of communicating to waste collection fleet managers the fill-status of the bins so that a trash collection trip is oly planned when the bin is full. BigBelly Solar’s waste management solution is a prime example of M2M providing a compelling public benefit, both optimizing publicly funded services and reducing  environmental impact.

Telit connects organizations to the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing them to wirelessly collect, process and respond to real-world data from connected devices, creating new efficiencies, revenue streams, societal and personal benefits. Join the conversation and learn more about Telit and its customers’ innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter.

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