Ray Bryant, CEO at Idappcom Ltd, explains how security can be obtained or improved even in times of Austerity.

IA in context: why professionalism in IA is part of the UK Government’s Cyber Security Strategy
By Richard Pharro, CEO, The APM Group
The UK Cyber Security Strategy, published in November 2011 by The Cabinet Office, states that one of the Government’s key objectives is to encourage, support and develop education for Information Assurance professionals.

The ICT industry has had a major influence on physical security systems and integration, now is the time to make the next step and simplify a complex scenario. How can physical security take more from the success of the ICT model to improve system integration?

Cartel partners Newham to enhance housing estate security

When ensuring that an organisation and its staff are safe and secure, technology has a huge part to play. Some call it convergence, some consolidation. But perhaps collision is a more appropriate term

AssureTec makes the world’s most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such as passports, visas and driver’s licenses – helping you protect what’s important to you

Allied Domecq is a major producer of wine and spirits. Trials were undertaken with RFID within manufacturing and supply chain environments that successfully demonstrated the benefits that could be accomplished in a closed system.

Gillette has been one of the companies responsible for driving the development of RFID technology. Shrinkage (a mixture of loss and theft) was the main reason for Gillette’s interest in RFID technology. Trials have been conducted in a Tesco’s supermarket in Cambridge and at a Wal-Mart’s distribution centre in Massachusetts.

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