Infrastructure & connectivity for the Data Centre and IT Network
ProLabs data centre products can offer public sector organisations CapEx savings of up to 70% compared to the costs of the mainstream brands, without compromising on quality.

“In our experience, up to 20% of an average IT project consists of accessories, infrastructure and connectivity; consider this figure over 12 months and it could be substantial” states Mark Levy, Group Product Manager at ProLabs.

For over 12 years ProLabs has provided a high quality, cost-effective and fully compatible alternative to the big brand names in data centre infrastructure and component manufacturing, with over three million ProLabs products sold and installed worldwide.

“A common misconception is that only components provided by the OEMs themselves, such as optical transceivers, will work with their equipment. This is, however, in direct conflict with the purpose stated in the industry’s Multi-Source Agreements” continues Levy. Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs) are industry standards set by the leading component manufacturers and suppliers specifying the technical requirements of pluggable optical transceivers.

ProLabs’ manufacturing partners are stringently selected, with many established partnerships that span over a decade. Use of the best available components, together with rigorous and continual testing throughout the manufacturing process, contributes to the overall high quality and reliability of ProLabs products.

ProLabs products are designed in accordance with the MSA industry standards and offer a truly “plug and play” solution. ProLabs guarantees full compatibility with a large range of end systems, and offers extensive warranties including lifetime warranties on all component based accessories.

ProLabs started in the compatible market place with a focus on optical transceivers, memory and cables. Today, the ProLabs portfolio has expanded further than just compatible products, offering a range of data centre accessories and infrastructure products including media converters, Mux/Demux, KVM, and racking and cabinets.

“Our aim is to provide data centre and IT managers with a quality and highly proven alternative to OEM products, offering significant savings and choice. We want to be the preferred single source supplier of data centre infrastructure and connectivity products” adds Levy.

Throughout the compatible and wider product range, ProLabs represents outstanding value with high quality products delivered at competitive market prices. The range includes:

  • Transceivers - GBIC, SFP, XFP, X2, Xenpak, SFP+, CWDM and DWDM modules
  • Memory - Network, server and desktop memory
  • Fibre Cables - Simplex, Duplex, Structured, OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS1
  • Copper Cables - CAT5E & CAT6, snagless, fully booted, RJ21
  • Custom Cables - CAT5E, CAT6, Cisco, Telco, Fibre, Serial, Video and PSTN
  • Power Cords - IEC 320, 16A C19, Hot condition and Figure of 8. Plus many more
  • Adaptors, Connectors & Data Points - RJ, LJU, PSTN and BNC
  • Media Converters - Flexible 10/100/1000 copper to fibre
  • Cable Management - Patch panels, management bars and cable ties
  • UPS - Offline, online, line interactive
  • KVM - Rack, enhanced, wide screen ranges
  • Racking & Cabinet Kits - Cabinet, patch panel, cables and management

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ProLabs works with a number of resellers and systems integrators and can liaise with your preferred supplier or recommend a suitable partner to suit your business requirements. To see how much you could save, or to find a ProLabs partner in your region, contact the ProLabs team on +44 (0) 1285 719 600 or at

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