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Mongoose IT specialises in the design and implementation of complex IT projects focused on Enterprise Search, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, utilising a combination of technologies from Tier 1 vendors. Mongoose IT also provides a portfolio of specialist software products that enable organisations to maximise the value from their existing solutions.Mongoose IT – Data Quality Solutions                 
Data quality is a fundamental consideration for safeguarding your digital information and ensuring it is useable for the future. Mongoose IT’s Data Quality solutions combine our specialist expertise around Enterprise Search, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, to address a variety of digital data quality issues including:

  • Data deterioration / degradation
  • Data on legacy systems
  • Non-updated records
  • Duplicate data / similar data
  • Orphaned data

Mongoose IT’s data quality solutions cover areas such as:

  • Data access
  • Data profiling
  • Data analysis
  • Results reporting
  • Data fixing and harmonisation

To discuss how Mongoose IT could help you overcome your organisation’s data quality issues, please contact us on 0208 944 1111, email or visit our website
Mongoose IT Ltd has been awarded a framework agreement by Buying Solutions for Digital Continuity – Lot 6, Data quality solutions.
About the Digital Continuity framework
Developed in consultation with The National Archives, the Digital Continuity framework agreement provides access to a range of solutions to ensure that you retain the ability to use your organisation’s information in the way that you need, for as long as you need.
The framework is divided into six Lots, covering Information management, data storage, data conversion and migration, eDiscovery, data quality and digital archiving - Mongoose IT has been awarded a framework agreementfor Lot 6 – Data Quality solutions.
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Buying Solutions is the national procurement partner for all UK public services and is part of the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group. Its role is to maximise value for money for government departments and organisations across the wider public sector through the efficient procurement and supply of vital goods and services.
Serving customers in Central Government, the Health sector, Local Government and the wider public sector, Buying Solutions provides access to trusted, EU-compliant framework agreements and other sustainable procurement solutions.
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