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enCircle was established back in 2002 to develop a Business Process Management platform that meets the needs of organisations wishing to exploit new technology and evolve new ways of working.The Industrial Revolution was driven by standardisation and mass manufacture of components. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was mechanical components like nuts and bolts; now in the 21st century the same is happening with software. Powerful, tailored and above all flexible business solutions can be built and configured using inexpensive software such as enAct.
Using “enAct”, enCircle’s business process automation platform, one public-sector organisation realised returns on their investment of up to 8 times the initial outlay, and still growing.
Testimonial: "The benefit of having non-technical team members able to develop screens and processes for us in house is invaluable and whenever I ask them they are able to enhance or develop the system to support process evolution. An exceptional selling point of the enAct system and enCircle."
The “enAct HR” system replaced over a dozen paper forms and consolidated processes into a structured set to support the implementation of a Human Resources Service Desk model. The entire project was delivered in just 6 weeks and is now being rolled out to other Police forces in the UK combining the best practices and lessons learned from each organisation. enAct can manage the organisation’s process “brain”, and empower key business users to constantly innovate and improve the way they work together.
Leaders need to change the way they think about IT; they need to see it as a service, take control of it as a business tool, and spend their limited budgets in smarter ways. Facing constant change, business managers need tools that allow them to respond quickly and inexpensively. The old fashioned way of spending months on design before starting a long, slow development project no longer fits work as it now is; fast and often global. By the time such traditional “solutions” are delivered the requirement has changed; it becomes a constant chase after a moving target that can never be hit.
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