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The increasing need of ‘Connectivity’ for Big Data
Connectivity is a business-critical resource. It is therefore essential that data centres, as well as their interconnecting networks, are well sited, reliable, and secure and that an organisation’s data centre is situated with due consideration of its base of operations. The issue of connectivity is central to the overall performance of the data centre – if connectivity is not up to scratch then no matter how much a company may invest in the supporting infrastructure technology, without good connectivity such investments will be in vain. Digital Realty’s newly opened data centre, Digital Chessington, offers the very best in data centre connectivity. The site demonstrates the latest and most sophisticated example of what Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data centre solutions, offers to its customers.
Digital Chessington is located 17 miles to the South West of London making it close enough to be within proximity of the city centre (with the associated potential for synchronous mirroring), yet far enough away to avoid being bogged down by London’s hectic transport environment. London is one of the world’s economic command centres, and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of Europe’s foremost internet clusters. As a result customers at Chessington will have connection opportunities on to a fast, reliable, and secure network a stone’s throw away from the UK’s primary economic and networking location.
The Chessington data centre site is connected to Digital Realty’s other Greater London data centre facilities as part of a highly scalable and high availability ring network. It is central to Digital’s business practice that customers have access to a diverse range of connectivity options, ensuring that they can take full advantage of peripheral geography facilities coupled with a network proposition rivalling that of an inner city data centre. A high availability, low-latency connection allows regulated industry organisations to easily manage synchronous backup of its primary data – a service which Digital Realty can offer through the on-going development of, and investment in, direct high-speed fibre links between its three London sites on the ROADM network.
Connectivity is quickly rising up the corporate agenda. This is of particular importance in regulated sectors such as finance in which performance is key. Internet traffic is increasing in volume, IT performance is becoming more critical and organisations are increasing investments in disaster recovery. Digital Chessington offers the level of connectivity that forward-looking business organisations need in order to maintain profitability within Europe’s increasingly competitive economic environment.
Looking to the future, the growth in outsourcing of IT processes to external, third-party services will place even more emphasis on the availability of quality networking bandwidth to the data centres where these services operate from. Data protection regulations that require organisations to keep customer data locally are likely to sustain demand within established markets such as London. We are also likely to see a further boost to locations that offer strong communications options, such as Amsterdam. The impact of connectivity on data centre planning is only set to grow.

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