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Companies pride themselves on their diligence where security is concerned. Physical Security is a fundamental of business life to ensure our people and our assets are kept safe but now the threat of failing to deal with intangible data is paramount.
IT Network Security is well established and laptop encryption, firewall technology and secure remote access go some way to minimalising the risk at points where fixed network security is weak.
And yet whilst vast amounts of money and energy is spent protecting data whilst on our premises or on current IT Infrastructure what happens to it when an asset is retired?

Who do you hand your data to?
With over 20 year’s experience within the asset retirement industry Charterhouse Muller are experts in High Security Asset Disposal.
Working with some of the biggest and most demanding names in the private sector we also undertake MOD and Government contracts.
Our process driven service offers our clients the comfort that whilst the hardware itself may be worthless the data could be priceless and our fully auditable service ensures that every item, no matter how old, is treated with the respect the data demands.
With a Zero Landfill policy Charterhouse are able to offer compliance with WEEE and RoHS legislation to ensure that your environmental responsibilities are also met.

CHM have expertise in both desktop and datacentre decommissioning projects. Our team are on hand to ensure that your own valuable re¬sources are freed up away from the more basic elements of your our business.

Utilising our own GPS tracked fleet CHM offer dedicated vehicles for collection and return to our site in Reading. Items are counted on and counted off to ensure 100% transit success.

Data Destruction
All data is erased to HMG InfoSec 5 certified standards. All inoperable drives are shredded to 10mm on site. Fully auditable log to show time, date, operator and drive serial number to ensure 100% QC

Onsite Data Destruction
Our BS7858 staff are able to undertake the complete Certified data erasure and data destruction of your IT departments data bearing assets.
Including Storage Area networks, PC/Laptops, Mobile phones, Copiers, MFP’s and more!

Storage and distribution
CHM operates a secure storage and distribution facility, we hold equipment for redeployment for many FTSE 100 organisations within our secure facility.

New Equipment Storage, Pre-Deployment Imaging & Delivery to desk
CHM’s capability to process 1000’s of I.T items for data-santisation/refurbishment can be easily converted to provide a high-volume pre-deployment process. By storing large quantities, our customers achieve maximum discounts on purchasing new I.T via bulk buying. 

CHM operates a zero landfill policy which starts with 95% of IT Items being reused. For items which have reached the end of their life CHM recycle them into key materials for authorised recycling. 100% QC audit trail for waste.

Government legislation can be quite onerous. By using CHM your obligations for WEEE and RoHS are met by our service. It also helps towards the Data Protection Act by ensuring no data gets into the pub-lic domain.

Asset Management
Our proprietary software tracks all items collected thus enabling asset numbers and serial numbers to be tracked throughout the process enabling the client to track.

Software Harvesting
Our software based solution retrieves the software keys for all Microsoft software, where a Vendor agreement is in place, we are able to negotiate the sale of your redundant software licenses on your behalf.

ADISA (Distinction)
Staff SC checked and vetted to BS7858
Only use CESG Certified products for the complete and secure data erasure of our clients assets.

Devices covered under our no-compromise data destruction service:
Mobile Phones (to IL3) – software, Mobile phoned IL4-6 –disintintigration.
PC, Laptops, Tablets.
SAN’s, Servers and datacentre originated equipment.
Copiers and MFP’s
Network and infrastructure
IP and static phone systems

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