Charterhouse Miller

Our commitment to you is to help increase your IT budget, protect your confidential data and contribute to a green environment.

When planning your critical I.T Refresh program you will spend valuable time and resources ensuring new systems will do the tasks intended, all security protocols are in place to protect the information, ensure project timescales cause minimum business disruption and then you’re ready to press the go button....Well done!

Then comes the questions?...
•    What do we do with our used systems?
•    How do we protect the data?
•    How do we make sure all electrical waste makes a contribution to a green environment?

Your IT Assets
Your assets can be traced from collection point via our satellite tracked vehicles,  with full traceability available via a secure log-in portal monitoring every stage of your assets recycling route. If building an asset register means taking your key personnel away from daily I.T duties, we can build an in-depth report with asset number, Serial number and internal configuration of your assets.

Your Data
Charterhouse Muller do not compromise on data security and have an impressive record of Zero data loss record spanning our 20 years of handling sensitive information. All data is securely over-written using the Blancco suite of CESG/Infosec approved products. Any items failing data-overwrite are recorded then shredded to complete the information security cycle. Remember, your peripherals and Networking products can hold non-volatile data and our promise to you is if we can’t clear it, we recycle it!

Your environmental responsibility
You will have peace of mind that your WEEE Waste will not end up on a landfill in some 3rd world country due to Charterhouse Muller’s working towards zero Landfill policy.  Any items that can’t be recycled as working systems are broken down to their raw components and re-used across the manufacturing industry. Even items sent for incineration produce fuel for re-directing onto the national grid.

Your Finance
Your best interests are our main concern! We don’t try to squeeze extra profit margin from you to meet targets, We won’t sell you a service and then outsource it to the lowest 3rd party bidder and, most importantly, any  revenue raised from recycling your retired assets goes to you to help that strict budget stretch further!

Your solution?
Simply contact one of our consultants to discuss your challenges and we are confident of finding an uncomplicated solution. All business operational concerns are taken into consideration as we work with you to meet your goals.

With our proven track record in providing innovative solutions that address all these issues, I.T Budget holders and Information Security representatives have benefited from putting these challenges to Charterhouse Muller. You will realise that Asset Disposal, Information Security and WEEE compliance is merely “the icing on the cake” once we present our specifically tailored solution to meet your requirements.

•    The only Southern UK  Recycler to have ADISA Accreditation with Distinction (The ultimate accolade in the asset disposal industry)
•    Installs, Moves & Changes (IMAC) Service to complete product lifecycle management (Maximise the skill set of your I.T Team and let us fill in the gaps) 
•    CESG approved products used for data-destruction ( Achieve 100% information security compliance during asset disposal and eliminate risk)
•    Market sector specific Information Security compliance (CPNI for Utilities, SOCITM for Local Authorities, BECTA for Education, a solution for all)
•    New Equipment Storage, Pre-Install imaging and distribution service available.....We bring you the new, and take away the old.

A 40 minute meeting could save you considerable time, money and eliminate you information security risk.
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