Open Source together with Cloud Computing and BYOD are all current game changers which deliver massive benefits
The scale of the change can be compared to the one from mainframe to client server. However the drivers are not just technology introduction but also the influenced by the global financial situation.
Open Source even 10 years ago was not considered for business critical applications, however in recent years the technical capability has been advanced to the point where, not only can they be considered equal to commercial offerings, but often provide technical innovations that can deliver a substantial edge.
From a pure cost basis Open Source products make a compelling commercial proposition and Government initiatives to capitalise on these benefits, especially in the current financial climate, are proof that today Open Source must be considered as part of any strategy or for individual applications.

PostgreSQL is the leading Open Source database and 2ndQuadrant are global leaders in helping projects of considerable complexity; size and criticality deliver real benefits by using it.

From brand leaders in high volume, real time applications with over 80 million users, to Security Application Providers and Financial Institutions, major organisations have selected PostgreSQL and 2ndQuadrant to partner with them for successful migrations and their subsequent operational support.

2ndQuadrant specialise in PostgreSQL providing a full range of capabilities which remove risk and cost whilst at the same time building your own skills.

For managers and technical experts the focus may be different but the outcome needs to satisfy them both.

The breadth and length of expertise that 2ndQuadrant has accumulated means a programme of support can be tailored to manage the transition of even live projects into the PostgreSQL environment. The exclusive focus on PostgreSQL ensures no dilution of skills ensures the quality and control are second to none.

Starting with workshops to help in setting strategy, through training, mentoring, and development and then live operational support and remote DBA services that can all be tailored to suit. There are even books which 2ndQuadrant domain experts have written for reference.

If there are plans to migrate to PostgreSQL as part of the Government initiatives then 2ndQuadrant represent the low risk option.
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