Charities to spurn social media over hate speech

A group of UK charities have threatened to curb their spending on social media engagement if platforms like Facebook do not do more to tackle hate speech.

A total of 37 charities are collaborating to review how social media giants could reduce hate speech on their sites, following a growing list of global companies, including Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Unilever, stopping their advertising on Facebook because of what they call its failure to stand up against hate speech.

In a joint statement, the UK charities said: “As charities, we recognise that these platforms have a role to play in allowing us to connect with supporters and beneficiaries from all backgrounds. But we also know that not enough is being done to stop posts which incite hate and violence being made visible.

“No one should have to see these messages in their day to day lives, and especially not when trying to access ongoing information and support. We believe that it’s time for social media platforms to be better, and do better by the people who use them. It’s time for them to take action to make their platforms more inclusive, a place for connecting and debate, not hate.”

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