Making business intelligence work

Ensior is the Business Intelligence specialist with an extensive and proven track record of almost a decade. We ensure organisations achieve maximum hold on their business processes and enable them to access the necessary information in a timely and accurate manner. Through the application of proven BI technology and our knowledge of the underlying processes, we give our customers a competitive edge. Ensior’s commitment to quality and our pragmatic approach underpin our successful reputation in the various industries in which we operate.
Ensior’s successful approach
A vital element to success is our objective delivery approach, promoting significant customer involvement and, of course, customer satisfaction. We are continually focused on the business demands of the solutions we provide. Fully committed to achieving the desired results, we are willing to go the extra mile. This strong dedication makes Ensior a partner of choice. And with offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and South Africa, our team of highly skilled professionals empowers Ensior towards efficient and dependable service delivery.
Ensior consultants are highly experienced professionals who combine extensive BI expertise with in-depth industry knowledge. Our track record in the Financial Services, Telecoms, Public and Industry sectors demonstrates our understanding of their underlying business processes. Combining this experience with the most innovative BI tools and our established way of working makes Ensior the leading supplier of business intelligence solutions, giving our customers a competitive edge.
Financial Services
Increasing and renewed mergers and acquisitions and continuing regulatory pressure characterise the financial services market. As the macro-economic situation remains on the rise, the pressure on performance remains as tough as ever. Therefore institutions require immediate improvement on their asset and resource management capabilities. Most vital asset perhaps is their data which demands the experience, knowledge and skilled hand of a craftsman in order to release its potential power.
Ensior’s experience in the financial industry ranges from data migration at leading retail banks to warehouse development and reporting at niche investment firms. Across the sector, clients count on us to remain, like them, at the leading edge of our field. We do just that.
Technology develops at a tremendous speed. Operators mature at an even faster pace in order to adequately adopt to change such as the penetration and the establishment of value-added services. The amount of data operators are confronted with have become excessive.  Business Intelligence is the key component that translates the matrix of CDR’s and other databases into actionable intelligence that allows for customer relationship management to take place on an unprecedented scale.
Over the past five years, Ensior has successfully supported the top five leading communication providers in the Netherlands and a handful of European tier one carriers. Our supporting capabilities in the field of sophisticated BI solutions have brought them the flexibility and operating power to achieve increasing ARPU and customer churn control.
Public Sector
In recent years the Public Sector’s adoption of software and IT services has been at record pace. The growing importance of information management within all agencies has led to a surge in business intelligence implementations. The number of e-Government initiatives continues to rise daily, ranging from security and safety programmes to municipal and provincial schemes. Projects and plans targeted at assisting the general public in a faster and more efficient way raised the need for agility within the organisations.
The criteria for BI initiatives being adopted by the Public Sector are being carefully laid out and monitored, leaving little leeway on the margin of error. Delivering excellent public value has always been Ensior’s flagship offering.
Management Team
Ensior has a sound track record of almost a decade and was founded by five IT professionals. They all share a background in business intelligence and process management. With the conception of Ensior the founders’ expertise in these domains gave birth of a new exciting discipline: Making Business Intelligence Work!

Ensior consultants are highly experienced and committed professionals. They combine extensive BI knowledge with intense understanding of the underlying business processes. Their experience of the most innovative BI tools and established methodology  make Ensior the leading supplier of business intelligence solutions.
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