Removing paperwork in some areas of the public sector could speed up response times to citizens, improve workplace productivity, and benefit the environment. So why are paperless operations still not the norm, asks Doug Miles, director of market intelligence at AIIM

Document-centric business process management offers fast returns, says Doug Miles, UK managing director of AIIM Europe

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Doug Miles, managing director of AIIM Europe, looks at the role of ECM in managing unstructured content

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Business Process Management offers fast returns from investments, says Doug Miles, managing director, AIIM Europe

While difficult, you can control your e-mails as you control any other document, says Doug Miles, UK managing director of AIIM Europe

If you look at just the potential benefits of Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) systems, it seems amazing that any organisation still manages without one

Effective document management will deliver real benefits to almost any organisation, regardless of sector, market or size. However, how should document management solutions be implemented in order to be effective is central to achieving the benefits that document management can deliver?

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Recent high profile cases involving the loss of sensitive data have no doubt driven IT departments throughout the public sector to enter new levels of lock-down and control, but in doing so, will they stifle collaboration and innovation?

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland introduced electronic document and records management in 2003. Four years on is the transition still being felt and what benefits have occurred as a result?

Central to achieving your organisation’s business goals are the tools and technologies of Enterprise Content Management and it is once more a growth area as the public sector seeks to take control of e-documents

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