Bridging the digital skills gap in the UK public sector

Tackling the issue of the digital skills gap in the public sector can be tricky, especially given the cost to UK businesses says Mahmood Chaudhri

The switch to digital service provision can be challenging for public bodies. A recent survey of over 300 organisations looks at the difficulties involved and how they are being met

Launched in November, the Government’s Digital Strategy aims to make transactions with central government easier, cheaper and more accessible. It has received praise from some prominent IT figures worldwide, and could provide a blueprint for local government to follow suit.

Jessie Owen, head of Digital Continuity at The National Archives, explains what lies ahead for government digital records. The digital universe has exploded – it’s now ten times bigger than it was in 2006. Most public sector information is created digitally, and this mountain of data must be managed. So what’s the future for government’s digital record?

Stephen Dodson, former national director of the Digital Challenge Network and senior advisor for The Continuousimprovement Practice, shares some thoughts on the role of technology in meeting the challenge for local government

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council leads the way with the UK's first universally accessible superfast broadband network

Digital Britain may have been launched on a Tuesday, but in my mind Lord Carter’s baby was most definitely a Thursday’s child

Creating a digital Britain requires creative and imaginative thinking, while making sure inclusivity is at the forefront of the agenda

Cardiff Council Executive has approved a ‘Cardiff Digital City’ initiative, which acknowledges the importance of ICT