There can be no doubt that new approaches to government IT are neccessary for true transformation to be realised. Ovum Analyst Nishant Shah explains how human centered ‘design thinking’ bypasses the Einstellung effect – the human tendency to try to solve problems by using solutions that worked in the past rather than looking at each problem on its own terms

Peter Parkes, Fellow of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, discusses how developing project managers can help turn adversity into opportunity

Dr Sharm Manwani and Suzanne Quinn provide a government perspective on IT Enabled Business Change

Nick Kalisperas, director of transformational government at Intellect, takes a look at the challenges ahead

BDNA enables true IT asset optimisation for a $6 billion operation

Sarah Cowell speaks to Chris Haynes and Paul Kilner about the success of Government Gateway and how it is supporting Government Connect

Michael White leader of Havering LBC, considers what it takes for new council administrations to deliver on their election manifestos

Unless the Government begins to clearly articulate the aims and purposes of IT-based reform, the public is in little position to judge the benefits they could receive

The Department for Work and Pensions is determined to reduce both official and customer errors through using tailored IT systems

When it comes to public sector IT projects, Intellect, the trade association for the UK hi-tech industry is calling for a fundamental change in the way in which industry and government work