BAPCO 2007

The Keynote Presentation and Delegate Reception will take place on Tuesday 24th  April from 5.30-8.30pm at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London on the evening before the opening of the BAPCO 2007 Conference and Exhibition and open to all conference delegates, invited Chief Officers and exhibitors at the event.

The annual conference, organised by Brintex on behalf of BAPCO (British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers), has received international recognition and consistantly attracts delegates and visitors from across the public safety sector in the UK and abroad including representatives from the ambulance, police and fire services, local authorities, central and local government, health authorities, transport services, the MOD, British Red Cross, customs, immigration and border control, civil contingencies and emergency planning groups.

Planning for the Future
The theme for the 2007 conference, ‘Tomorrow’s World: Managing Expectations’, aims at addressing how organisations with responsibilities for public safety are facing a growing number of challenges, from the increasing threat of natural disasters and man-made scenarios to organisational changes, that will impact on how services are delivered in future. Bruce Mann, Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat at the Cabinet Office will give the Keynote Opening Address on the first morning of the conference, Wednesday 25th April.

Following a Call for Papers, Ken Mott, Chief Executive Officer of BAPCO has reported submissions of exceptionally high quality. Key topics are:

  • managing change
  • communication information
  • the changing face of public safety service delivery
  • challenges of enhancing emergency management

The forthcoming programme will also include a dedicated focus on ambulance service and urgent care communications.
Information sharing
Highlights include a Keynote Plenary Session by Jerry Fishenden, UK National Technology Officer at Microsoft who will discuss how technology can enable information sharing within and between organisations, even when those organisations are not at the same technology level and use different suppliers’ and vendors’ technologies.

Conference workshops will invite delegates to explore crisis site management, managing and sharing information, next generation networks as well as managing data in the field. This year’s Super Session features an insight into the innovative American approach to emergency service delivery. Tracy Thomas, Divisional Chief Operating Officer of Richmond Ambulance Authority, Virginia, will inform delegates of the practices used within high performance EMS systems to simultaneously achieve clinical excellence, response time reliability and financial reliability.Unmissable demonstration
The Super Session continues with Captain Stephen Gordon, Commander of the 911 Centre for New Orleans Police Department, Louisiana who will detail how he and his crew survivied the flooding of their communications centre, explain the decision making process that evolved and how the communication system was re-built. This is an unmissable demonstration on how emergency communication personnel must prepare for their worst case scenario.

Delegate Registration and Rates
Those interested in registering as delegates for the BAPCO 2007 Conference will be able to do so on-line at from the end of January. Rates include discounts for BAPCO members and single-day delegate passes will be available as well as for the full 2 day programme.

The BAPCO Conference will run alongside the BAPCO exhibition where a number of new suppliers to the public safety sector are exhibiting at the 2007 event  including Microsoft, Manx Telecom, Pennine Telecom, Xantix Systems, Radio Hardware Supplies, Red Box Recorders, and Northrop Grumman Information Technology.

Both in the exhibition hall and in the showcase theatre, suppliers will present the very latest in public safety communications systems, and case studies for visitors to learn from successful projects  - for example, regular exhibitor Ham Associates worked with East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust will deliver an ergonomic design approach to the development of a large multifunctional Control Centre. The new purpose built facility incorporated accommodation for Emergency Control, Patient Transfer, NHS Direct, Medicom.  

The project partnership delivered an 85% user satisfaction rating, and performance figures one year from opening showed a reduction in response times of one minute – the building’s ergonomic design and architecture will have played a key part in this achievement.

Visitor registration open
Online visitor registration is open at for visitors who would like to sign up to attend the BAPCO 2007 event. The exhibition is free of charge and open to all professionals working in public safety and those with responsibility for implementing and managing public safety communication systems.

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