Accurate identity technology

As the world engages in heated discussions about the security and accuracy of biometrics, Birmingham based fingerPIN bursts onto the market with the world’s first sequential biometric system. At a stroke, arguments regarding fraud, speed, accuracy, flexibility and convenience change.
False acceptances occur when illegitimate users are allowed access. Instead of false acceptance rates of around 1 in 15,000 for conventional biometric systems, metric tests have shown that the fingerPIN’s false acceptance rate for just a four fingerprint sequence is less than 1 in 10 billion. This compares favourably with an 8-10 digit alphanumeric password. At the same time, instances where users are rejected incorrectly are dramatically reduced.
Fingerprints are presented to the reader in a sequence, a true one-step, two-factor identification. fingerPIN offers the unique privacy of the fingerprints with the secret of the sequence.
The applications for fingerPIN are manifold. Security providers of physical access systems see fingerPIN offering the level of security and convenience they need for their clients in both the public and private sectors. For those clients with a pre-existing single fingerprint biometric access system, upgrading to fingerPIN is a simple exercise. For those with no biometric system, fingerPIN offers the base system through its partners.

It is easy to see some immediate advantages to fingerPIN. Passwords become redundant. These are the ID keys we lend to others, forget, write down in inappropriate places and, which in many cases, compromise security measures. Swipecards similarly become redundant. It is these cards we lend, lose, forget, have stolen and which become cloned.
Then there is the issue about stealing the fingerprints of others. Not unnoticed by the media, it is not difficult to lift or spoof someone’s fingerprints. A simple internet search advises us how common and easy this form of identity theft is. In some regions, it is not unknown for criminals to remove fingers from an unfortunate victim. The fingerPIN technology renders these methods fruitless.
Recently launched to wide acclaim, Matchlogon with fingerPIN is a world first software solution that provides this same level of security for PC and network logon.
Apart from physical access and PC, network or device logon, fingerPIN technology is ideally placed for irrefutable customer identification. A simple software upgrade is available while enterprise solutions will be launched soon.
fingerPIN also believes it provides the answer to ID cards biometrics, while discussions have already started with a leading credit card company. Leading practices in the professions are taking an interest and one well known law practice is running a pilot to enhance its logon security and provide secure email to its clients. fingerPIN is seen as providing the answer to secure emails. Hitherto there was the risk of confidential emails being read by others. The highly secure two factor ID verification provides confidence in the phrase “I am who I say I am.”
A major pilot has commenced in Europe which, if successful, will provide the means to identify some 150,000 users. fingerPIN hopes this will then enable its technology to be rolled out to a further 30 million users.

Authentication gateway
In a highly significant development, fingerPIN has been invited to join a consortium to develop an authentication gateway. Some members of this consortium are household names with a global presence. Small wonder then, that fingerPIN is confident that banks and major retailers will soon be numbered among its customers.
The team at fingerPIN is focussing its first stage roll-out on the European, North American and South African markets. However, few days pass in the offices in the Central Technology Belt when the phone doesn’t ring with approaches from elsewhere.

fingerPIN Boxx
To further develop its product portfolio, the team at fingerPIN is about to launch its fingerPIN Boxx, a central biometric data repository for access control applications. The fingerPIN Boxx is designed to be a one-off investment enabling fingerPIN authentication organisation wide. Existing access points within the organisation (physical, logical, door access, PC logon, secure email etc) are fingerPIN enabled with “connectors” to the fingerPIN Boxx. This allows for strong fingerPIN authentication throughout an organisation.
The fingerPIN Boxx system reinforces the strength of the unique sequence of fingerprints by effectively separating the fingerprint template and fingerPIN sequence store. This provides additional layers of security to the data store.For more information
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