Sustainability within the Data Centre

Minkels offers a range of efficient solutions to keep your equipment in perfect conditionEnsuring sustainability in today’s data centre requires infrastructure that combines operational efficiency with the flexibility to meet the rapidly changing demands of IT equipment.         

The challenge on infrastructure to keep pace with the rate of change of technology following Moore’s Law is compounded by developments such as consolidation, virtualisation and energy efficient equipment. Data centre lifetime is typically three to four times that of the equipment housed in it; sustainable infrastructure solutions should have sufficient adaptability to cope with four generations of IT equipment. These factors cause a high level of uncertainty in specifying infrastructure capable of adapting to tomorrows challenges.  Modular solutions help you to cope with this uncertainty
Minkels has 60 years experience in creating flexible housing solutions based on smart building blocks. The combined modularity and flexibility of these basic building blocks has been key to the success of Minkels racks throughout Europe. Our cooling portfolio is based on the same flexibility, leading to sustainable cooling solutions; in-built flexibility to cope with cooling requirements which change over time.  

Energy saving aisle containment
Experts agree that the separation of hot and cold air by aisle containment is fundamental to enabling energy saving in the data centre.  Minkels Cold Corridor® provides flexible containment that is equally suited to both new installations and retrofitting to existing racks.
Recent laboratory research has proven that a saving of 30 per cent in cooling energy can be achieved by using the Minkels Cold Corridor® in combination with free cooling. In a controlled test environment elaborate measurements were carried out and independently verified on an installation comprised of a Minkels Cold Corridor® and an air conditioning unit.     
The temperature distribution in the Cold Corridor was remarkably even: the temperature differential between the top and bottom of the Cold Corridor was minimised to within 0.5 degrees. As a result the intake temperature of the cold air may be increased thereby enabling a considerable improvement in efficiency. Reliability of the IT equipment is ensured through optimising the thermal environment.
An additional benefit of this containment system is that in the event of an air conditioning unit failure it will take up to six times longer than in a conventional unenclosed hot/cold aisle configuration before the critical temperature is reached. Therefore in many situations it may not be necessary for the the cooling equipment power to be backed up by a UPS. This reduces the costs (CAPEX as well as OPEX).
Minkels Cold Corridor® is the core concept in an integrated design approach that covers the full range of cooling scenarios and power densities.

Flexible air cooling up to 24kW
The Minkels HD rack is also based on the separation of hot and cold air. It can be deployed in any data centre with a raised floor through which the cold air from the traditional perimeter downflow unit is guided through the enclosure. The air is routed precisely through the IT equipment. The HD steering module can even integrate with control of the CRAC units to perfectly balance the amount of cooling required.

Adaptable water cooling
Water cooling can provide an efficient solution in data rooms without a floor void. The Minkels Water Cooled Cabinet (MWCC) comprises one adaptable module that can be applied to different cooling strategies. The module can support both open and closed loop strategies, plus hybrid loop cooling that combines the best of both worlds. The cooling capacity of the MWCC is controlled by the delta T through the equipment. Sensors measure the equipment inlet and outlet temperatures and steer the cooling capacity to the exact level required. The result is an energy efficient cooling solution which optimises the equipment operating conditions. The MWCC can even steer its cooling capacity per horizontal rack zone. It can be easily integrated with Minkels Cold Corridor®.
The MWCC can retain a central role in any future cooling strategy. Its adaptability to follow the growth path of your IT equipment enables infrastructure sustainability.
Minkels smart modular cooling solutions: Today’s solutions for tomorrow’s challenges!

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