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Times are getting tougher in the public sector. How can organisations improve service and drive innovation in the face of inevitable budget cuts?HTK mobile solutions for intelligent customer contact can help you do more for less.  Justin Bowser, HTK Director of Public Sector, explains how.
More and more organisations are turning to web-based “software as a service” (SaaS) to take advantage of the most advanced systems without the capital cost. This approach fits well with the Shared Service philosophy, promises a fast ‘return on investment’ and can help to reduce carbon footprint as part of a Green ICT strategy.
But there are obvious dangers to this approach if not implemented well: Does this help with our overall mobile strategy? Will we end up with information ‘silos’ that prohibit knowledge sharing? Is our citizen data in safe hands?The age of texting
Barack Obama’s use of SMS text messaging in his US electron campaign showed a couple of really smart uses of mobile technology:

  • How to connect with young people
  • How to gather up-to-date contact details from the public, on a specific issue that motivates them

We live in a global and increasingly mobile information society, where people – particularly young people – expect services to be available 24x7 x 365. With the right governance and understanding of business process, it is possible to meet these expectations in a win-win solution that improves citizen perceptions, improves service efficiency and directly impacts on performance indicators like NI14 for avoidable contact.
With the right technical platform and a good understanding of existing business processes, mobile solutions can open up new ways of connecting with citizens, doing more for them and creating real value on both sides.  

Face the fear
It’s vitally important to take a measured approach when opening up new communication channels, but equally important not to be afraid of doing so. With the right business process automation, mobile channels can be hooked into existing ways of working within the back-office or contact centre with minimal up-front technical integration or re-training.  
And for some functions such as public warning and informing, good automated citizen contact through mobile channels (I’m including web and landline telephony here) is absolutely essential.

What to consider

  • Security: Information security is vital to maintain public confidence.
  • Scale: A ‘warning and informing’ solution may need to contact 10,000 people within minutes.
  • Innovation: Look for a solution that can be a platform for innovation across your business, across a range of communication channels.
  • Integration: CRM integration is a real bonus, to maintain up-to-date citizen contact details.

Our customers are sharing information more and faster than ever before, through innovations like mobile Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. In the public sector we should embrace these innovations and do the same. Let’s work together on how to save money and serve better through more intelligent customer contact.
Times are changing – socially, technically and economically. Citizen perceptions and demands are changing. The way we serve them needs to change from the telephony and face-to-face world of yesterday. Are you thinking differently?

HTK Horizon™ enables service innovation:
Messaging > Make an interactive voice call (IVR) or send a mobile text or picture message, fax, or pager – straight from your mailbox.

Broadcaster > Contact tens or thousands of people in minutes by e-mail, mobile, landline, fax and pager – with GIS mapping for accurate message delivery.

Response > Manage inbound responses by SMS, web and telephone (IVR) with personalised content for effective public warning and informing.

I-Modules > Interactive voice and messaging components to automate routine business tasks such as scheduled appointment reminders and payments.

Inform > Digital dashboards to report in ‘quick time’ on the outcome of all mobile interactions and measure improvements in customer satisfaction.

About HTK
HTK provides a wide range of mobile messaging and business process solutions for cost reduction, efficiency savings and reduced avoidable contact.
Services are provided on the HTK Horizon™ platform as a shared service that addresses public sector requirements for operational efficiency, security and economies of scale.
HTK serves clients in the private, public and third sector, on mobile messaging projects including 101 and PNN3 (Police National Network). All HTK staff are security cleared to NPPV /SC level.

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