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AssureTec makes the world’s most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such as passports, visas and driver’s licenses – helping you protect what’s important to youAsk yourself - “What are the most important issues we face today?”

  • Personal & Corporate security
  • Identity Theft
  • Terrorism 
  • Secure Borders
  • Safe Travel
  • Underage Drinking

What do all these concerns potentially have in common? Fraudulent Identity Documents!
AssureTec Systems, Inc. addresses these issues by providing Document Authentication Solutions that utilise unique, patented technologies and make the world a safer place for everyone.

Evolution in technology
During recent years, improvements have been made to physical and electronic document security features, but there has also been a significant evolution in identity document authentication technology hardware and software.
The first step in the selection of an automated ID authentication solution starts with an examination of the current methods used to authenticate documents. Typical scenarios are:

  • Retail settings such as restaurants, car rental agencies, bars and stores
  • Airline check-in, retail banks, credit unions and gaming institutions
  • Border control situations

Common to all these environments is the reliance on individuals to determine the authenticity of documents by visual inspection. To be an effective document inspector requires considerable training, and a thorough inspection process requires a considerable amount of time but, regardless of the environment, front-line inspectors usually have only a few seconds.  Human factors, such as training, repetition, and fatigue also have an impact on the effectiveness of inspectors. Even with the best training it has been reported that for every fraudulent document they detect, there are likely to be nine or 10 more fraudulent documents not detected.

Real time authentication
AssureTec Systems, Inc. provides technology that delivers real-time automatic classification, data extraction, and authentication of documents.  The AssureID software performs extensive tests on the document’s physical layout and various optical and electronic security features and, when used for document examination, reports results that reflect differences between what is known about a given type of document and the document of that type being presented.
The authentication process utilises the AssureTec Document Authentication Library (ADAL), which is the collective repository for the documents’ descriptive information.  
The ADAL does not contain complete document images, but is rather a collection of “metadata” about each document type supported.

Unique capabilities
As well as the ICAO standard documents that other technology providers can handle, AssureTec has the unique ability to authenticate non-ICAO documents - passports, visas, alien residence cards, national identity cards, international driver’s licenses, healthcare cards, birth certificates, vehicle registrations, fire arms permits, etc. To date, the AssureTec Document Authentication Library contains security analytics for more than 2,000 documents from all over the world.
During analysis of an identity document, AssureID automatically performs a large number of checks against the security features and construct of the document.  
It is important to note that the absence of a security feature or the technologies’ inability to distinguish a particular security feature does not, in and of itself, constitute an intentionally modified document. This is especially the case with documents containing “Smartcard” technology, which can be made inoperable in a number of ways including bending or exposure to heat or moisture.  
To address these factors, the AssureTec Document Training Methodology adjusts tolerances to compensate for these “noise” factors. Parameters are actively modified, and tests are added to improve performance in the case of poorly manufactured, worn and fraudulent documents.
AssureTec Systems, Inc. is the world’s premier supplier of automated, real-time identity document data collection and authentication technology, utilising the industry’s most complete Document Authentication Library. When properly deployed, automatic document authentication solutions vastly improve the ability to detect fraudulent documents, reduce the time required for document inspection and data collection, as well as act as a deterrent to individuals considering the use of fraudulent identity documents.

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