Optimising service management processes

In today’s fast moving business environment, managing service processes using traditional paper-based systems is no longer effective. The Supportworks Enterprise Support Platform (ESP) provides a fully integrated platform for automating and managing your business processesHornbill has combined its expertise in service management software provision with a full understanding of the requirements of local and central government, whether for a standard helpdesk, ITIL implementation, freedom of information requests or shared services, for a fast and thorough implementation.

Flexibility for ITIL adoption
Supportworks service management software provides a flexible platform to realise many measurable benefits through service desk consolidation. A cost-effective path towards ITIL adoption can start with a standard helpdesk application and develop with the knowledge that Supportworks ITSM is ITIL V.2 compatible to PinkVerify™ Enhanced level.

ITSM with the ‘Human Touch’
“ITIL is less likely to be successful if it is implemented purely as a way of managing processes and far more likely to be successful if it is implemented as an initiative to change the entire ethos of the IT department and to deliver benefits to the organisation as a whole” – says the Service Futures Group.
The existence of the ‘human touch’ when delivering support ranks very highly with customers. Poorly directed technology can put a barrier between the customer and the support desk, creating layers of bureaucracy and slowing down resolution. If service is to improve, the customer experience must be a major focus for every interaction between IT and the business.
Supportworks ITSM embodies the ‘human touch’, empowering service desk staff by presenting them with valuable information about the customer, enabling them to tailor their response to deliver a better service experience. Relevant information, such as the customer’s priority services, their general competence with technology and satisfaction with IT service quality enables IT staff to respond in the most appropriate manner and deliver the best possible service experience to each customer.
Fast to deploy, easy to configure
Supportworks ITSM provides the optimum combination of business process automation, functionality and flexibility, delivering a comprehensive ITIL-compatible solution that satisfies most IT service management requirements out of the box. Supportworks ITSM provides fully-integrated processes and templates that enable rapid adoption of key components of the service lifecycle. Supportworks ITSM is shipped with standard and optional components to support the following processes:

  • Standard processes: incident management; problem management; change management; release management; configuration management; availability management; service level management; knowledge management.
  • Optional processes: financial management; demand management; service catalog management; request fulfilment management.

For organisations that do not wish to adopt all of these disciplines immediately, they can simply be ‘switched off’ and ‘switched on’ again when the organisation is ready for full adoption.

  • Starting point

Hornbill’s industry standard applications provide a starting point that significantly reduces configuration effort. Supportworks ITSM does not require specialist programming skills to configure. A series of wizards and drag ‘n’ drop design environments greatly simplifies configuration, allowing any competent IT professional to modify the application without specialist knowledge.
Supportworks ITSM is a comprehensive and proven solution:

  • ITIL processes out-of-the-box for cost-effective and rapid deployment
  • single ITIL solution including CMDB
  • core ITIL disciplines included as standard
  • platform flexibility for shared services
  • consolidated departmental service desks
  • Service Catalog integrated with the CMDB

“The great thing about Supportworks is that we can tailor our service to the caller, as well as ‘partition’ the service according to the discipline. It has all of the functionality we require from a service management desk solution, yet is highly configurable to suit our needs.” – Service Management Consultant at BT, CSD - BT, Suffolk County Council, Mid-Suffolk District Council.
“We have improved our service extensively since using Supportworks. We handle over 500 calls per week, a considerable increase and are now planning to use the tool more extensively to support our move towards ISO 20000.” – ICT Unit Operations Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
“We particularly liked the apparent simplicity of Hornbill’s solution. It handles quite complex and powerful processes while making it very easy for the end user. This ease of use, particularly in the management of priority calls and SLAS, has, we believe, enabled us to manage our workload better resulting in faster response times to customers.” – Service Desk Manager, Kent County Council.
Service management software from Hornbill enables organisations to provide excellent customer service while benefiting from the economies of consolidation on a single technology platform.
Supportworks’ service desk templates are designed for rapid deployment within any employee or customer support environment, including ITIL-compatible IT service management, IT helpdesk, customer service, HR and facilities management with the flexibility to build additional desks at minimal extra cost.
High profile customers include Atos Origin (Athens Olympics 2004, Torino Winter Olympics 2006 and Beijing Olympics 2008), Home Office, OFGEM, SEPA, Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, London Borough of Waltham Forest, Greggs, London Metropolitan University, RSPB, The National Archives, and Camelot.

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