Mobile solutions

New, expanded mobile services deliver savings and choice for public sector buyersA new and expanded range of best value mobile voice and data services are now available to buyers in an arrangement worth an estimated £170 million a year across the whole of the public sector.
The new Mobile Solutions II framework agreements, launched in January and available through, feature new propositions covering the full scope of mobile voice and data requirements.
These comprehensive arrangements include the ability for standard ordering off a catalogue of services – and for Further Competition amongst capable suppliers, where appropriate.
All suppliers on the framework agreements were subjected to a rigorous, EU compliant selection process.
Nigel George, Buying Solutions Mobile Solutions II Project Manager said: “Mobile Solutions II provides clarity in a complex field. It secures existing benefits enjoyed by customers, provides new savings opportunities and satisfies the growing demand for more flexible mobile voice and data services designed to meet the demands of the transformational government agenda and 21st century working patterns.
“Though the majority of connections provided are for basic voice services, a growing number of customers are starting to take a combination of voice and data services, typically via BlackBerry or a Smartphone for access to e-mail, or they are taking advantage of 3G and GPRS data services via a data card, used in conjunction with a laptop, to enable remote working”

Services available
There are also a number of other services available to customers through these new arrangements, including:

  • Text-based services, enabling organisations to interact more effectively with their customers
  • Fleet management services allowing local organisations with vehicle fleets, such as mobile libraries, maintenance vehicles and community based workers, to monitor their location and movements to aid driver security and to promote the efficient use of vehicles 
  • ‘Lone worker’ protection, featuring monitoring and alert services for staff working in remote or flexible locations 
  • Real time traffic information and car parking availability to ease congestion and smooth traffic flow and enable employees to operate as efficiently as possible.

The framework agreements provide a streamlined, efficient route to market, savings in time and resources, access to wide range of services and competitive pricing – last benchmarked at 21 per cent below alternative commercial offerings.
Nigel George added: “These framework agreements offer robust public sector terms and conditions – based on the OGC Model Services Agreement – and the support of Buying Solutions in the event of any contractual issues with suppliers.  
“The same prices are available to all customers for core services, irrespective of their expenditure, connection base or average revenue per user to the mobile supplier. This means that the smaller authorities benefit from the aggregated spend of a wide range of organisations.  
“To provide new solutions to business problems, the framework agreements can also be used to procure bespoke solutions.”

Three areas
The Mobile Solutions II framework agreements have been awarded in three areas:
Mobile voice and data: Refining the structure of previous agreements, this lot reflects the way in which customers procure commodity mobile services and addresses key customer needs relating to service management. The suppliers in this lot are BT, 02 UK Limited, Orange Personal Communication Services Limited, T-Mobile (UK) Limited and Vodafone UK.
Wide-area paging and messaging: Procured primarily for the benefit of key public sector workers working in environments where the use of messaging devices capable of transmission is restricted, this lot also provides for a range of messaging services including the delivery of bulk SMS messaging and network independent, multi-platform messaging. The suppliers in this lot are 2ergo Limited, HTK Limited, Orange Personal Communication Services Limited, PageOne Communications Limited and Vodafone UK.
Bespoke mobile solutions: Intended to assist those customers who have needs not specifically addressed by commodity mobile services, including those seeking solutions to complex and bespoke requirements. The suppliers in this lot are AMT-SYBEX, BT, Detica Limited, Orange Personal Communication Services Limited and Vodafone UK.

For more information
For more information or to register an interest in the Mobile Solutions II framework agreements, visit the Buying Solutions’ website at or contact the Buying Solutions’ Service Desk on  0845 410 2222.