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AMT-SYBEX has a proven track record of mobilising key business processes, enabling organisations to save time and work more efficientlyAMT-SYBEX provides technology solutions for business. Since we were established in 1990, we have developed a record of strong, consistent achievement through the delivery of critical business systems, particularly in regulated environments in the UK and Ireland. We provide solutions and services in Mobile Working, Enterprise Asset Management, Information Management, Supply Chain Management, Asset Consulting, many of which are delivered through a flexible and extensive Managed Service capability.
The development and deployment of mobile applications is a major part of our business and we have many significant and business-critical mobile solutions deployed in organisations such as Network Rail, Transport for London (TfL), EDF Energy, National Grid, the Metropolitan Police and Southern Water. We also provide strategic mobile consultancy services to large organisations.
Our mobile applications are particularly used where there is a requirement for the replacement of paper forms currently used for data collection. Our approach is easily deployed and managed and can be created and modified by business users.

Field data capture system
AMT-SYBEX provides two discrete types of mobile solutions. The first type of solution is based on our Field Data Capture System (FDCS) which broadly falls into the category of electronic data capture. The FDCS product offers an out-of-the-box, end-to-end data capture solution including end-user definable scripts, over-the-air deployment, structured, secure data capture including GPS locations, photographs and signatures, real time or opportunistic data transfer and a managed data repository. The solution can be deployed with a number of complementary technologies including GIS, RFiD and Bar-Code Scanning and supported through a formal managed service.
The second type of mobile solutions we offer can be described as “End-to-End Bespoke Mobile Solutions”. For these, we leverage on our extensive large-scale project delivery expertise. This includes the design and development of customer-specific mobile solutions, often based on a managed service delivery approach tailored to the client’s particular requirements. We believe that no two sets of requirements are the same and therefore no two solutions should be either.

Mobilising business processes

Sample business processes that we have successfully mobilised include:

  • Completion and raising of Work Orders
  • Lone worker protection
  • Audits
  • Compliance reports
  • Health and Safety inspections
  • Recording Condition
  • Time Sheets
  • Asset Information
  • Recording Inspection information
  • Parking Enforcement

Building on our extensive experience in the development and management of mobile solutions, we have been engaged to conduct strategic mobility consultancy projects for public sector organisations. A typical example of this work is a project we performed for an organisation responsible for disaster planning where we delivered a mobility strategy and roadmap to help the organisation focus on the business benefits of a mobile solution and suggest appropriate architectures, technologies, products and complementary services.
The AMT-SYBEX approach is to develop solutions which are, as far as possible, agnostic of underlying database technology, network provider, device hardware, operating system and middleware platforms. This is achieved through our continued development of a mobile orientated architecture (MOA) involving the layering of components in a manner which is suitable for existing and future mobile solutions.     The MOA caters for all areas of a mobile solution from the device user interface through secure, managed mobile data channels to back-end integration.
The main benefit of such an MOA is that it can integrate into a wider mobile or flexible-working business strategy as it is independent of specific software, hardware, platforms, information and communications technologies. We are not bound to any particular technology solution or platform when considering the production of a bespoke mobile solution.

Mobile Solution Managed Services
AMT-SYBEX Managed Services are designed under the auspices of ITIL and in particular, from a service management perspective, ITSM, which we have adopted as our standard guidelines for service management and provision. Our service design principles are cognisant of the need, through process, to constantly align business requirements with IT Service Provision. This is provisioned through Business Relationship Management (BRM) programmes.
The Managed Services engagement is viewed as a “living” agreement which evolves in line with business demands – but remains ever conscious of its fundamental obligations to quality of service. The operational, tactical or strategic requirements of a business unit are therefore considered within an environment which is acutely aware of business plans, policies and strategies – driven from the top.

This ensures that IT Service provision is delivered within a structured Continual Service Improvement Programme (CSIP) and the demands of a single Business Unit are considered and delivered without compromising the overall commitment to service. Throughout a contract term, AMT-SYBEX constantly reviews its activities in line with pre-determined KPIs and CSFs and identifies areas where specific service activities can be optimised in terms of service quality, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.
We have recently been appointed to the OGCbuyingsolutions Framework Agreement for bespoke mobile applications.

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