EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency

Workspace Technology looks at how the implementation of the European Union best practices for Data Centres will help the public sector reduce CO2 emissionsThe introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will levy tax against high energy users and will become a reality in 2010. As part of CRC initiative the European Commission directive introduced the European Code of Conduct on Data Centre’s last year. This code of conduct provides a set of rules which will help drive down energy use and improve energy efficiency within the data centre environment. It is anticipated that public sector bodies will help lead the way in energy reduction programs.
Workspace Technology recognised the potential impact that the CRC will have within the data centre market and became an early adopter of the European Code of Conduct on Data Centres which was introduced in late 2008. The Code of Conduct has a published set of ‘best practice’ recommendations designed to help improve energy efficiency of data centre environments.
As a European Code of Conduct on Data Centres “Endorser” Workspace Technology actively:

  • Disseminates information on the Code of Conduct
  • Encourages organisations to become Code of Conduct Participants
  • Aids Code of Conduct Participants in putting into practice, the recommendations of Participant Guidelines and Best Practices.

In line with this strategy Workspace Technology is able to offer public sector organisations services which will enable them to become an EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency “Participant”.
EcoDesign™ is based on the implementation of a set of “common sense” design principles based on the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency “Best Practices” which when deployed intelligently contribute significantly to the energy efficiency and performance of a data centre.

Practical deployment
Workspace Technology works closely with organisations to identify issues and help design and implement practical and deliverable best practice solutions.
One of the mandatory requirements of the Code of Conduct includes measurement. Workspace Technology’s EcoTronix energy/PUE measure technology delivers real time monitoring of energy efficiency and its usage.
Additional practical solutions include the intelligent deployment airflow management and aisle containment technology, economizer “free air” cooling and energy efficient UPS systems.
Becoming an EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy efficiency “participant” enables organisations to show leadership and ultimately helps stake holders drive energy efficiency reducing both operating costs and carbon emissions.

Principles of EcoDesign™ best practices

Without measurement it can be hard to understand why and where energy performance is poor and how to improve it. It is a recommendation of the Carbon Trust that sub-metering of high energy consumption infrastructure is implemented.

‘Right size’ architecture
Modular, scalable power and cooling architecture that allows deployment as needed. This is the crucial element for improving data centre efficiency. Efficient Cooling Technology The implementation of modern energy efficient cooling technologies reduce operational energy overhead. The configuration of AC system set points more appropriate to modern computer technology, will have a surprising contribution to data centre energy savings.

Clear segregated airflow
Ensuring a clear airflow path whilst eliminating the mixing of hot and cold air through the deployment of appropriate ducting, aisle containment and airflow management technology will contribute to significant reductions in the energy demand of the cooling system.

Efficient room layout
An efficient room layout will facilitate the deployment of appropriate cooling, allow for a modular growth strategy and assist airflow separation. Correctly positioned grille tiles will ensure airflow to equipment inlet positions.

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