The Essential Green Manifesto

This is ‘The EssentialNET Easy Guide’ to reducing that all important carbon footprintThe primary key to being green is to cut energy usage – reduce how much raw power is used in an ICT environment and cut the ICT carbon footprint. To achieve this, changes to the way the ICT strategy is designed and implemented will need to be made. This is ‘The EssentialNET Easy Guide’ to reducing that all important carbon footprint.
First of all, virtualise what you can and reduce the number of physical servers needed (implementing blade technology can be advantageous). This will in turn reduce the demand on supporting facilities such as air-conditioning, around the clock. Although virtualisation may be considered cost prohibitive, EssentialNET have solved that issue – Virtual Iron is about a quarter of the cost of VMware and provides more green related functionality than the competition.
One specific green feature of Virtual Iron is Live Power. Live Power shuts down physical server nodes when they are not in use by monitoring the CPU usage of the server and if possible, moving the virtual servers onto fewer physical nodes, automatically powering down the unused ones. When more CPU cycles are required the physical server nodes are brought back on line.
Power savings made through virtualisation is just the beginning in reducing that all important carbon footprint towards the carbon neutral goal. By looking at the rest of the data centre and in particular moving to virtual appliances for specific functions that traditionally demanded dedicated hardware – such as Virtualised WAN Optimisation, Virtualised Web Load Balancing and Virtualised Security – the move towards a Green ICT estate is under way. Branch Office WAN Optimisation Appliances that provide server facilities such as Windows Server 2007, DNS, DHCP and print services, can extend the power savings to the remote office.
To ensure the solutions provided are cognisant of the bigger picture, EssentialNET has a distinct philosophy for backup and recovery – Always On, Always Recoverable and Application Consistent. EssentialNET and InMage bring business continuity to a whole new level, combining enterprise-class disaster recovery with the world’s most advanced continuous data protection (CDP) in a single product. Whether you are concerned about e-mail, databases or unstructured files, InMage provides remote data replication and continuous backup based on CDP technology that gives near zero data loss (Recovery Point Objective (RPO)) with a near zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
Combined with virtualisation, the number of servers required at the disaster recovery site is dramatically reduced – as is the need for backup tapes. EssentialNET provides green solutions and helps save significant ongoing OPEX as well as providing an application consistent, reliable, resilient and recoverable system.The Virtualised Green Cool Wall
E-commerce is invariably the core of a business; often it is a regulatory or governmental requirement to provide a web based service. When web usage surges, the nuances of a dynamic web environment are difficult to predict and manage effectively.
Zeus ZXTM will balance many (virtualised) servers with a unique traffic scripting language. ZXTM allows web usage surges to be managed and controlled with the ability to reallocate multiple servers during busy periods to join the load balanced group and then later use Live Power to automatically turn them off when not required. ZEUS ZXTM will run in a fully virtualised environment.One of the major advantages of virtualisation is the ability to centralise servers and services.  However, in order to achieve this without impacting users on remote sites (or home workers) WAN optimisation techniques need serious consideration.
EssentialNET supplies two leading edge brands; Replify for fully virtualised WAN optimisation – no appliances required – and Riverbed, the Gartner acknowledged world leading WAN optimisation technology, which with the latest release allows additional virtualised services, such as print server, DNS and DHCP, to run on edge appliances.
EssentialNET is a Platinum Partner for both Riverbed and Replify.

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