Control and traceability

Animal Health Trust secures multiple buildings using access control integrated with IP video from Milestone SystemsLocated in Lanwades Park, the Animal Health Trust (AHT) provides specialist veterinary, clinical, surgical and diagnostic services for companion animals.  AHT also undertake research into the diseases that affect our domestic animals. They have had several major breakthroughs in preventative medicine and treatment for animals.
Updating security
In 2004 Leigh Harvey, IT Support Engineer for the Animal Trust, was tasked with updating security. He believed that with the number of separate buildings, it would be easier to monitor and control use of doors with an electronic access control system.  “It is essential that the system chosen is easy to expand and Net2 from Paxton Access is a PC-based system that we can grow. It also operates over our existing network via TCP/IP. I need to have central control of the system from my office and Net2 allows me to do this,” he says.

The Allen Centre building was the original installation to get the Net2 system, with the next addition being the stable block, home to the John McDougal Visitors’ Centre and offices.     The Hall has also been added to the access control network. The external doors have readers on both sides, providing read in and out control. One interior door is also fitted with a proximity reader; access through this door is restricted. Departments, time zones and access levels are used to make the issuing of cards with default access permissions. Access levels are set according to which building the staff work in and their need for access to other areas. Individual permissions are also used.  
Latest technology
The Animal Health Trust upgraded their system to an enhanced version 4 of the Net2 software, released by Paxton Access in January 2006. Such upgrades are one of the big benefits of using an IP software approach: one can always have the latest technology. This new version offers advanced features that Leigh Harvey is happily integrating into his expansion plan.

“The triggers and actions facility in the software means that I am sent an email if an invalid token is used or a door is left open or forced. I also like the idea of SMS messages being sent to our security guards’ mobile phones if anything untoward happens. We are also using an input/output board to monitor use of the pharmacy. I get an email to notify me on out-of-hours use. I love the fact that if I decide to use this anywhere else on the site, I can just move it to another location and plug it into the network!”

With extensive surveillance camera coverage on site, Leigh was keen to record camera images against events in the Net2 software. Version 4 integrates with Milestone XProtect™ Enterprise IP camera software, which allows camera images to be triggered to associate with events in the Net2 software for linked views of people gaining access.
‘Great solution’
For example, on the Visitors’ Centre, the external door is unlocked in normal working hours. An infrared beam goes across the opening which triggers the IP camera to record in the Milestone system every time someone enters or leaves. On the Hall building, a further 3 IP cameras are deployed to view the exterior entrances. When a Net2 token is presented to enter the building, the event is recorded in the Net2 software while the camera image is recorded in the Milestone software. On the Net2 events screen an icon is shown by the event, and double-clicking on this icon brings up the relevant video image.

“The Milestone software works well,” Leigh says. “It is great having the camera images associated with Net2 events available instantly. Searching the Milestone software for images not associated with Net2 events is also incredibly easy: I can easily look for and find images from a particular day, time and place.  

The Milestone software is run on a separate server to the Net2 server, which means that we have plenty of server space to store all of the images. The integration works really well and as we expand the Net2 system to all of the other buildings, we will also install IP cameras linked to Net2 and Milestone. This is a great solution for us.”
Control and traceablity
Leigh has also imported drawings of the site into the software and set up existing doors and cameras on the plan. Once all of the buildings and doors have been added to the Net2 system, site graphics will be used by the security guards on the site.

Leigh is really happy with the system. “It runs over our networks avoiding expensive cabling. The easy expandability combined with the flexibility of software is great. Our security will continue to be further enhanced, giving us greater control and traceability.”

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