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Suzana Lopes, EMEA VP Sales and Marketing at Pearson VUE, explains the need for rigorous exam security, and looks at how it is done today

Suzana Lopes, EMEA VP Sales and Marketing at Pearson VUE, looks at how modern technology offers new types of questions and tasks to test people’s skills, competencies and knowledge

Infor looks at how better performance management can help public sector organisations deliver efficient public services

Avanti Communications, a leading provider of satellite internet solutions has developed a satellite broadband backup system designed to prevent organisations from losing their internet connection and a vital means to do business

When did you last put yourself to the test? Maybe it was at school or university, or perhaps it was for a post-grad or professional qualification. Whenever you last sat an exam, you probably had an anxious wait for the results, and when they came, you may have wondered just how well you did on that tricky question.

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While 3D printing is becoming more widely used in general engineering the use of 3D printing in the medical and allied sectors such as dentistry has only just begun.