Web Labs are a UK based software and systems development house, specialising in creating flexible, scaleable and intelligent ‘Cloud Computing’ solutions. Our products and technologies i.e. software systems, applications, data access, and storage services are delivered to computers and other devices over a network, typically the Internet or Corporate Intranet.

Doug Miles, AIIM’s Head of Market intelligence, looks at the decision-making process for cloud deployment of document and content systems.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum, 85 per cent of IT Executives now consider Cloud as a viable option for delivering IT projects; with 3 out of 4 organisations that have purchased a Cloud service saying they will purchase further services in 2012.

Efficiency, cost reduction and rapid deployment are all key drivers behind the UK Government’s G-Cloud strategy. The 2011 ICT strategy also identifies the role cloud technologies can play in improving collaborative working and ensuring policy formation and service design are developed in consultation with the public.

Whatever happened to the G-Cloud? The first real mention of the term came last year in the Digital Britain report, but passed essentially unnoticed in the mainstream media as tabloid indignation was focused on the so-called 'broadband tax'.

UK business is grasping opportunity while Government may miss out