Innovative security technology for UK border

A new report has identified opportunities for innovative technology to improve the security and efficiency of the UK border.

‘Vaccine’ discovered to combat cyber-attack

A ‘vaccine’ for the cyber-attack that hit organisations across the world has been discovered by security researchers.

People and culture ‘barriers’ to cloud adoption success

People and culture are the biggest barriers to cloud transformation success in the public sector, IT transformation experts say.

DVLA publishes new IT strategy

The DVLA has published its new IT strategy outlining its focus and priorities for the next three years.

Tech giants collaborate to counter terrorism

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft have formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

Broadband boost worth millions is to benefit thousands more rural Oxfordshire homes and businesses

A £4 million boost means that more of Oxfordshire’s most remote households and businesses will get access to high-speed broadband.

Cyber-attack risk in UK energy sector is ‘off the scale’

Concerns over the threat presented by cyber-attacks on power stations and electricity grids is ‘off the scale’ in the UK energy sector.

DVLA awarded top digital prize

For the second consecutive year DVLA has been awarded one of the top accolades at the Digital Leaders DL100 Awards.

Digital government progress 'painfully slow'

A new report by the Institute for Government argues that the digitisation of government and public services is happening too slowly in the UK.

Facebook to fight online hate speech

Local organisations will be trained to combat extremism and hate speech as part of a new UK initiative by social media giant Facebook.

Local gov needs data system refresh within 18 months

Research has revealed that local authorities are unable to store and analyse data effectively and will need a refresh within the next 18 months.

Technology can solve UK’s social care crisis

Leading technology professionals believe that a lack of digital skills is the biggest risk to transforming modern social care services.

UK driverless car road trials announced

A collaborative demonstration of driverless cars has been given the green light to trial the technology on public roads.

35 per cent of UK organisations have a digital transformation leader

More than a third of the UK’s organisations have appointed a digital transformation leader to manage their digital transformation.

Government’s clean energy drive invests £35 million in innovative projects

A £35 million investment in energy innovation projects to deliver clean growth and affordable energy has been introduced.

Pioneering council leads the way with public cloud

Salford City Council has taken a ‘transformational step’ on its digital journey.