Digital transformation results for Pendle Council

Pendle Borough Council has seen a 95 per cent reduction in footfall to its contact centre as a result of a new digital transformation programme to achieve efficiency gains.

Working in partnership with Liberata UK, the council has implemented Jadu Continuum CXM (Customer Experience Management) and has recorded a reduction in total footfall to the council’s contact centre from an average of 2,000 per month up to August 2017, to less than 100 people per month in the same month this year.

Having worked with Liberta since 2005, Pendle Borough Council sought a new CRM system to integrate with its back office and payment systems, enabling citizens the ability to transact online, track service requests and receive automated notifications when service statuses changed.

The chosen Jadu Continuum CXM platform provides effective self-service and reduces the need for customers to call or visit the council office. The first service built on Jadu Continuum CXM was bulky waste, followed by garden waste where the council took on more responsibility and now Jadu has taken a step back as Pendle leads case developments.

Pendle Borough Council’s 'Rubbish and Recycling’ services scored 4 stars in the 2017/2018 for Better Connected.

Kathryn Halton, website coordinator for the council, said: “Jadu provides an excellent platform that keeps residents fully informed, but it has also helped us to be self-sustaining, which is really important for a council such as ours. That’s the beauty of a low-code platform. We have the power, knowledge and skills to develop and deploy processes end-to-end, which is vital for councils with limited budgets.”

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