New UK Council for Internet Safety

Minister for Digital Margot James has announced the government’s first step to establish a new UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCCIS) to improve the online safety and tackle online abuse.

Opening the application process to appoint members of the UKCIS Executive Board, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport says the UKCIS will bring together a partnership of more than 200 organisations representing government, regulators, industry, law enforcement, academia and charities.

Priority areas of focus for the council will include online harms such as cyber bullying and sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism, violence against women and girls, as well as hate crime and hate speech.

James said: “Only through collaborative action will the UK be the safest place to be online. By bringing together key stakeholders, from the tech giants to the third sector, UKCIS will be the cornerstone of this effort; driving the development of technical solutions and equipping UK citizens to tackle online harms.”

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