NHS systems to capture private healthcare data

In an attempt to increase consistency across the health system, an initiative has been launched to ensure private healthcare data is recorded in the same way as NHS data in England.

Jointly led by NHS Digital and the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN), the Acute Data Alignment Programme (ADAPt) aims to integrate data on privately funded healthcare into NHS systems and standards for the first time, increasing visibility of quality in private care and promoting the completeness of patient records.

Phase 1 of the programme will see co-operation between all parties to accelerate publication of information mandated by the CMA, while Phase 2 will aim to redirect the flow of data for approximately 750,000 privately funded hospital episodes each year from PHIN to NHS Digital.

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, said: “Earlier this year, I asked NHS Digital and PHIN to work together to ensure that we can see the same standards of transparency in the private sector as in the NHS. The result has been the ADAPt programme, which will drive improvements in data collection and help patients and others understand more about the quality of care. This will be an important, practical step in taking forward the safety agenda in the independent sector.”

Sarah Wilkinson, NHS Digital chief executive, said: “Integrating data from private suppliers into NHS systems will improve the completeness of records for patients whose care is split across private and NHS providers. This will improve safety, efficacy and convenience for these patients. In addition it will provide insights into patient outcomes in the private sector and how they compare to the NHS. These insights will help increase standards of care in both sectors.”

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