Government launches new cyber security strategy

Dr Liam Fox is expected to launch the government’s new Cyber Security Export Strategy to strengthen defence capabilities in the UK and allied countries.

The International Trade Secretary said the strategy will help the UK’s 800 cyber security companies to win contracts that provide security for high profile international buyers and protect networks across the world.

UK cyber exports reached £1.5 billion in 2016, with total spend expected to exceed £759 billion by 2021. The launch is backed by ADS, the UK trade association for the security sector, who say the export strategy is an important step to help the UK’s world-leading cyber security companies reach new markets and continue to grow.

Fox said: “Recent events show that the UK faces a diverse range of threats from hostile state actors. So in an increasingly digital world, it’s vital that we improve our cyber capabilities, which are crucial for national security and prosperity. The strategy I am publishing will support UK companies to export our world-leading cyber security expertise, which will help strengthen our capabilities, and protect our country and our allies from those who wish us harm.”

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