Government to invest £160m in farming technology

Agricultural technology in the UK is to receive a £160m investment following the launch of a new strategy to deliver sustainable and affordable food for future generations, according to the government.£160million will be invested establishing Centres for Agricultural Innovation and an Agri-Tech Catalyst fund to improve the translation of research into practice. The NFU believes it is very significant that agricultural science and technology are finally being recognised right across Government as essential to the success of the farming industry and its ability to contribute to the economic growth of the UK.

Developed in partnership with industry, the Agricultural Technologies Strategy will 'ensure farmers and retailers' benefit from the strategy.

Breakthroughs in nutrition, informatics, satellite imaging, remote sensing, meteorology and precision farming mean the agriculture sector is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors.

Industry is also expected to invest in the strategy using the latest technologies to ensure the process is productive whilst reducing environmental impact.

With the demand for food rising rapidly worldwide, the strategy also aims to make the UK a world leader in addressing global food security issues.

The centres will support the wide-scale adoption of innovation and technology across key sectors, technologies and skills in the food and farming supply chain.

This includes up to £10 million for a Centre for Agricultural Informatics and Metrics of Sustainability which will use data from farms, laboratories and retailers to drive innovatio creating a £70 million Agri-Tech Catalyst to help new agricultural technologies bridge the so called ‘valley of death’ between the lab and the marketplace. Co-funded with industry, the catalyst will specifically support small and medium sized enterprises.
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