Superfast broadband for most homes pledge

In a speech at the annual CBI dinner Chancellor Philip Hammond promised a major expansion of Britain's superfast broadband network.

According to reports, Hammond pledged to make full-fibre connections, which can be 40 times faster than typical high speed services, available to 15 million homes and business premises by 2025 to help organisations compete after Britain leaves the European Union.

He said: “In the 21st century, fibre networks will be the enabling infrastructure that drives economic growth. Over a million premises already have direct access to them… but if we are to achieve our ambition of a truly high-speed economy, and keep up with our competitors, then we need a step change in our approach.”

While the speech and pledge have been met with appreciation, consumer advice website Thinkbroadband told the BBC the government was unlikely to reach its goal, with the company’s editor Andrew Ferguson predicting that ’15 million will not be a majority but account for around 45 per cent of premises’ only.

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