Survey reveals best and worst broadband providers

A Which? customer satisfaction survey has revealed that TalkTalk and BT are the worst broadband suppliers, with Sky and EE also scoring poorly.

The survey of 1,800 people revealed that all four larger broadband providers, who share 72 per cent of the market, are failing on basic customer service, speed and reliability.

TalkTalk achieved scores of 38 per cent and BT 45 per cent based on satisfaction levels and whether customers they would recommend there service to others, with just one in 10 of either’s customers describing their service as excellent, marking them as the two lowest performing suppliers. EE and the Post Office each managed 48 per cent, while Sky and Virgin scored 49 per cent and 52 per cent respectively.

Small provider Zen Internet was heralded as the best performing with a score of 86 per cent, followed by Utility Warehouse on 81 per cent and John Lewis on 68 per cent.

Additionally, 21 per cent of survey respondents reported a problem with very slow speeds over the past year, while 17 per cent reported frequent connection dropouts and 14 per cent experiencing hitches with their router.

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