Three quarters of new G-Cloud vendors now SMEs

The latest version of the G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud ii, went live in late October. Three quarters of the 458 suppliers on the new framework are SMEs.
One key difference between G-Cloud i and ii is that contract terms are now longer. The value of contracts has also increased and work has been done around data protection and liability issues to ensure that government can buy off the shelf services on a pay-as-you-go basis, avoiding duplication of services that cannot be shared.

G-Cloud ii now offers over 3,000 cloud products and services. This round of the framework attracted 662 expressions of interest and resulted in 458 successful suppliers, double that contained on G-Cloud i, offering a much broader range of services, including accessibility tools, end-user device services, agile tools, anti-spam and captcha, gamification, learning management, simulation and training.

To date there have been 99 purchases of IT services through the CloudStore, totalling more than £2.2m, and 70 per cent of this spend (more than £1.5m) has been with SMEs.

G-Cloud programme director, Denise McDonagh stated: “The high representation of SMEs on both G-Cloud frameworks and in purchases from CloudStore are positive signs that government is moving away from dependence on a small number of large suppliers for IT services. It also demonstrates growing support for the G-Cloud concept. We are creating a truly competitive and diverse marketplace that encourages service providers to improve the quality and value of the solutions they offer, reducing the cost to taxpayers and suppliers, who also benefit from the speed and ease of procurement that G-Cloud offers.”

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