Gartner analyst on what’s ‘good’ and ‘less good’ about the Digital Strategy

Andrea Di Maio, an analyst with Gartner Research, has put his analytic skills to use in examining the Cabinet Office’s recently launched Digital Strategy, concluding that it contains several ’misses’.

Di Maio’s online blog contains the article Digital by Default, but Not Smart Enough: Hits and Misses of the UK Government Digital Strategy analysing what is ‘good and ‘what is less good’ about the strategy. On the ‘good’ side, Di Maio’s blog states: “It rightly focuses on departments with high transaction volumes, where the digital channel can have the most immediate and evident impact both on constituent service and on efficiency.

On the not so good side, Di Maio says: “The strategy is a good document that did not consider digital government beyond constituent transactions or consolidation of web sites, hence missing how to better equip employees and make human-intensive interactions more innovative. Oddly enough, it has several repetitions, as if it has been rushed to publication. It would be great if – going forward – the Cabinet Office could find a better balance between the desire to mandate and dictate, and a more organic and bottom-up transformation process.”

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