£9 billion superfast broadband boost

Regions covered by the government’s rollout of superfast broadband have seen local business amass a combined £9 billion increase in turnover since the boost to their broadband speed.

An independent assessment of the impact the rollout has had in its first years finds that, alongside a £9 billion surge in turnover for businesses, the rollout has also delivered £12.28 benefit for businesses for every £1 invested by the government and local authorities and a strong indication that high take up rates have encouraged telecommunications industry to expand their own commercial broadband projects.

Rollout of superfast broadband to those areas deemed ‘commercially un-viable’ has helped take nationwide coverage to 95.39 per cent and seen approximately five million homes and businesses who would have been stuck in the digital slow lane now having access to superfast broadband.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport estimate that more than one million extra UK homes and businesses will gain access to superfast speeds, taking superfast coverage to 98 per cent of the nation over the next few years.

Minister for Digital Margot James said: “Our rollout of superfast broadband across the UK has been the most challenging infrastructure project in a generation but is one of our greatest successes. We are reaching thousands more homes and businesses every week, that can now reap the clear and tangible benefits that superfast broadband provides. We are helping to ensure the downfall of the digital divide.”

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