Less than half of councils provide good online waste service

According to Socitm’s latest Better Connected survey, only 46 per cent of district councils are providing a good or very good service for people seeking information about garden waste services.

With almost 75 per cent of councils now charging for garden waste collections, the importance of making services, costs and further information about local authority waste collections is increasing, but only 46 per cent of all sites tested provided a good or very good service.

Furthermore, Socitm found that a number of authorities were hiding the costs of their charges online, with the report saying that ‘embarrassment about charging’ could be a contributing factor to this missing information. The report also reads that ‘some councils hide details of costs in pdf documents which may also contain lengthy terms and conditions obscuring the most important detail’.

Instead, council websites should make charges ‘explicit on web pages’ along with clear information on collection cycles, how waste should be presented, what won’t be collected, who owns the bin and so on.’

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