First UK village receives govt-funded fibre broadband

Ainderby Steeple, a North Yorkshire village, has become the first in the UK to receive government-funded super-fast broadband.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey switched on the new BT street cabinet in the village, which channels faster broadband to local homes and businesses.
The government is investing £530 million in the rollout of super-fast broadband in rural areas of the UK.

Of this fund, £17.8 million was allocated to North Yorkshire by Broadband Delivery UK.

Another £10 million has been invested in the Superfast North Yorkshire scheme by BT, while the European Regional Development Fund has contributed £8.6 million.

"Ainderby Steeple is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Unfortunately, until now, the people of this magnificent rural community would have struggled to find out more about their history online because of frustratingly slow download speeds," said Mr Vaizey.

He added that 40 more rural broadband schemes would be approved in "the coming months".

Mr Vaizey said the government remains committed to connecting 90 per cent of homes to super-fast broadband and the remainder to 2Mb services.

Richmond (Yorks) MP William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said this is a "significant step" for Ainderby Steeple.

"High-speed digital connectivity is an essential requirement for our long-term success," he claimed.

"At a time when our local economy needs every possible boost, important developments such as the Superfast North Yorkshire programme's investment in super-fast broadband offers the potential to create new opportunities, services and growth."

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