Vodafone's 5G service to launch in UK in July

Vodafone has become the first firm to confirm a UK switch-on date for its 5G service, and both business customers and consumers will be able to sign up.

Launching on 3 July, Vodafone said the benefits of the next-generation mobile network will include faster and more reliable data speeds for customers in busy areas, with seven cities set to be involved in the initial roll-out. These are: Birmingham; Bristol; Cardiff; Glasgow; Manchester; Liverpool; and London.

The company has said it intends to extend the facility to a further dozen locations before the end of the year. These are: Birkenhead; Blackpool; Bournemouth; Guildford; Newbury; Portsmouth; Plymouth; Reading; Southampton; Stoke-on-Trent; Warrington; and Wolverhampton.

5G's other benefits over 4G include lower latencies and the ability to support more devices simultaneously. That should help pave the way towards the wider use of data-gathering sensors, which in turn should help public authorities and businesses make better informed-decisions.

Users will need a 5G-compatible smartphone or router to take advantage of the technology.

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